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Hi Friends,

In this blog I have explained how to Delete SAP Client-066 at OS level. This process is applicable only for Oracle database, where as for Hana database this procedure is not applicable.

This is an alternative way to delete the client 066 at OS level, please find the below steps in detail.

In my scenario Operating System is Red Hat Linux

1. Login to OS level as <SID>adm and change directory to:
# cd /usr/sap/trans/bin

2. Create a control file using VI editor with the following input,

I gave the name as 066_CLIENT_REMOVE.ctl  as shown below


client = <CLIENT-NUMBER>

select *

Replace <CLIENT-NUMBER> with your SAP system client number. Save the file!


3. Execute below command to delete the Client 


R3trans -w deleteclient066_<SID>.log -u 1 066_CLIENT_REMOVE.ctl

It will create log file with name deleteclient066<SID>.log, In this log you can find all information about client deletion along with the table names.

After successful deletion of client 066 at operating system level,logon to SAP system , go to t-code SCC4 and the delete the client 066 manually over there.

Finally,there should be no entry for the client in table ‘T000’ anymore and you should submit report RSUSR003 to check if no access to this client using standard user SAP* is possible anymore.

For Reference:

Note – 1749142 :How to remove unused clients including client 001 and 066




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  1. Steve Rumsby

    I find it slightly bizarre to find, in a blog tagged “Security”, somebody saying “If you don’t have access to do this properly, here’s a way to bypass security and do it anyway.”

    If you don’t have access to SCC5 to delete a client, there’s probably a reason for that and you should ask for the proper access rather than finding a way around it, surely?

  2. Sumit Patel Post author

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your reply.Yes we can also have proper access to SCC5 and delete it, this is also another way to delete from OS level.




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