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Often while creating dashboards using SAP Lumira Designer, you may have requirements where you need to navigate to / drill down to another dashboard. While this is possible, sometimes users prefer to open the second dashboard in the same browser tab, instead of opening a new tab or a window for this purpose.

Let us see how we can accomplish this.

Prerequisite: You will need the HTML Box component from Visual BI Extensions (VBX).


  1. Create a test dashboard that you want to launch initiallySAP Lumira Designer - 1
  2. Add a panel component and insert VBX Utility – HTML box in itSAP Lumira Designer - 2
  3. Copy the below HTML code and paste in HTML component –<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><iframe src=”Target Application Document Link” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”  width=”100%” height=”100%”></iframe></body></html>
  4. Replace the “Target Application Document Link” with the second dashboard document link and hide the panel.
  5. Add a button which will help navigate to another dashboard. The action event of button must hide everything related to current dashboard and enable Panel which contains HTML box by setting “visible=true” statement.
  6. Synchronize the “TEST” document in BI Platform Execute the dashboard. (URL is not displayed)SAP Lumira Designer - 3
  7. Click on the button and you will see another dashboard opening in the same window/tab instead of a new oneSAP Lumira Designer - 4


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Anand Jeyaraman

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