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How to Import SAP UI5 Applications to SAP NetWeaver Portal

My name is Della Brodsky and I am a software developer in the Portal Development Support Group.

Several years ago, in 2015, an SAP Enterprise Portal Plugin for SAP Web IDE was released by our group and until now it has been used to deploy UI5 applications into the SAP Enterprise Portal.

Last year SAP introduced the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version and we do not plan to have the EP plugin available on this version.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you a procedure with which you can deploy to SAP Enterprise Portal apps you develop with SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

Using the SAP Enterprise Portal Plugin in SAP Web IDE to deploy UI5 applications was performed as below:

  1. Login to SAP Web IDE
  2. Select your application
  3. Right-click -> Deploy to SAP Enterprise Portal
  4. Fill in the necessary fields


From now on, instead of deploying apps straight to Enterprise Portal from SAP Web IDE, you should first export the project from SAP Web IDE and then import it to the Web Resource Repository (WRR) of the Enterprise Portal.

The procedure is as follow:

  1. Export your project from SAP Web IDE by right-clicking on the relevant project and selecting Export.

2. Save the file on your computer (If you do not use SAP Web IDE you just export the project from your development environment).

3. Import the file to the WRR (Web Resource Repository) of the Enterprise Portal:

  • Log on as an Administrator and go to Content Administration -> Web  Resource Repository. Right-click on Fiori Applications and select Upload Resources.

  • The following screen will be opened:

  • Click Browse and select the file you want to import and click Add to Upload Table.
  • Click Start Upload to import the selected file.

Once finished, the table will contain the uploaded files, which you will also see in the Fiori Applications folder.

Below are examples of what can be imported into Enterprise Portal using this procedure:

I. SAP UI5 applications, which will be used as a tile on the Enterprise Portal

II. Fiori Framework Page Extensions

Extensions are plugins that are incorporated into Fiori Framework Page during its launching.

They are to be developed as standard SAP UI5 plugin and, as described above, imported into the portal.

III. Custom Tiles

Custom tiles are tiles created by customer’s developer, in order to allow different tile views and functionalities in the launchpad, which are not delivered by SAP.

They are to be developed as UI5 application and as described above imported into the portal.

Role Viewer

This application enables using an SAPUI5 application as a sample that allows you to navigate within a role-specific hierarchy by assigning it to a Portal role.

Please note:

The difference between the deployment from SAP Web IDE to the export and import alternative is that the deployment takes care of the cache-busting mechanism, and the export and import doesn’t.

In other words, every subsequent deployment of the same application automatically adds generated strings to the values of the SAPUI5 URL path and relative path for SAPUI5 applications properties that are forced to bypass caching and make sure the new version of application is used.


Since this option will no longer be available, you need to take care of the cache-busting mechanism manually.
Make sure you change the URL every time a new version is uploaded or use a different SAPUI5 path for each version.

So next time you will integrate any type of SAPUI5 application into SAP Enterprise Portal you should use the above procedure.


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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Nice examples.  I'm not to the point where I can use it yet.  Bookmark to the rescue!

      It will be something that will be useful,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I'm with you Michelle, currently just starting out my project and doing research. I'm very new to the SAP community. my level is only training environment.

      Hope to learn as I go in this community.


      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      This is the best place to learn as you go!   The blogs are amazing. The people are open and willing to help you. If you have a question.   Take a quick look at the rules of engagement. Then ask your question or write your blog.   You've taken a great step by commenting!!

      If you want some free training, you can find some here as well.  There is so much here.  Another good stop is the quick start guide.

      As you can tell - I get a lot of information here, and I love interaction.  Comments are more than welcome to any blog.   Disagreements are welcome too.   I learn a lot in the comment section.

      You'll find out yourself!  Welcome.


      Author's profile photo Nick Rankin
      Nick Rankin

      Nice guide thanks Della!



      Author's profile photo Ali Husain
      Ali Husain

      Hello Della,

      Thanks for writing this blog. However i am facing issue in Configuring role viewer application after successfully importing the Role Viewer application under  Content Administration -> Web  Resource Repository. Right-click on Fiori Applications. Please check in below screenshot, i could not find deployed role viewer application & could not see copy option.

      Can you help here?

      Author's profile photo Hamdorf Tobias
      Hamdorf Tobias

      Same here... does not work on 7.5 SP11 *thumbs up*

      Author's profile photo Della Brodsky
      Della Brodsky
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Ali,

      Link for the Role Viewer was updated. Here it is as well:


      Author's profile photo Steffen Morawietz
      Steffen Morawietz

      One word: WHY?

      Seriously: Was the existing procedure too user-friendly? Also having to take care of cache-busting manually just adds to the insult. I'd rather shoot me in the knee, to be honest.