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What kind of activities can be done on Launchpad after Maintenance Termination

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I have been a Basis Admin for more than a decade, seen my fair share of issues and sometimes you come across information that is worth sharing with your SCN buddies. This is a general topic regarding activities that can be performed in SAP support portal if a company does not have maintenance support from SAP, something that I found to be very useful and worth sharing.

An Interesting Note that I came across about activities that can be done on SAP support portal after maintenance termination. Note number 2439943


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From the Note:

2439943 – What kind of activities can be done on Launchpad
after Maintenance (MA) Termination

Version 1 Type SAP Knowledge Base Article

Release Status Released to Customer Category How To

Component SV-BO-REQ (Request for Remote Service) Released On 13.03.2017


Please find the original document at

You terminated the maintenance frame and wants to get support which is available after the termination.


Software Downloads

You cannot download Software in the Software Download Center which is not covered by maintenance.
If software was released before the termination, you are entitiled to get the software(patches not included) after
maintenance end. Please approach account representative for help.
Shipment cannot be realized.
Incident Processing
You cannot select a technical installation to log an incident.
Remote Support Services
You cannot receive remote services anymore.



SSCR and migration keys are connected to a license contract and therefore must always be available
for you. Even after end of maintenance, you can still request the keys via Support Portal.
Solution Manager
SAP Solution Manager usage rights are part of the support contract. After end of maintenance, the usage of

Solution Manager is contractually not allowed. Technically, the usage is not blocked.
All interactive functionalities (e.g. incident processing. remote services) will no longer work and you will not get any updates for the Solution Manager Content
You can access Support Portal and get all guidelines, templates, etc.


SAP Notes:

You cannot access SAP Notes in the Support Portal anymore. However, regarding Security Notes, SAP has the
legal oblication to grant endless access to Security Notes. Even after end of maintenance.
Maintenance Certificate
Generation of Maintenance Certificate not possible after end of maintenance certificate via Support Portal.
But because customers need to be able to install Support Packs which they downloaded before end of maintenance certificate (legal requirement), SAP is delivering Certificate manually via Email in case of your requests.

Maintenance Frame(MA) Software Downloads Incident Termination Launchpad Support Portal Solution



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  • Brave blog indeed.   I really like it.   It actually leaves it to the reader to decide if support is good or bad.   Based on the note you can easily see pros and cons.

    Nice job,