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When you see a police officer on the street they don’t exactly scream technology. They installed cameras in their cars years ago, but what else do they have that would impress you? In a few years, it’s safe to say you’ll change your mind.

It’s because the Internet of Things is about to revolutionize law enforcement forever. You will benefit from it unless you’re one of the bad guys. You’re probably wondering what’s about to roll out, so let’s discuss a few examples you’ll see soon.

1. Every Car On The Road Will Be Connected

It won’t be the police ensuring your car is connected to every other vehicle on the road, but it’s going to make their job a lot easier. This technology will help people in other industries too.

For example, car accident lawyers will benefit from it. A few have been discussing how it will help their clients get what they deserve. It will also tell the police who is at fault in an accident.

2. Knowing Where And When A Gun Is Fired

At the moment, police will only know about a gunshot if someone dials 911. They will be late to the scene, but it won’t be long until they arrive much quicker. A special system that identifies gunshots will assist them.

Microphones will be positioned around a city and they’ll all be connected together. Each one might have a range of 10 square miles. When they detect the blast of a gun it will notify the police immediately.

3. The Smart Gun Soon Will Hit The Market

Everyone has seen what can happen when the public are upset about a police shooting. People on both sides of the argument go wild. In the future, we’ll be able to see if a shooting is justified.

A smart gun will have sensors built into it. They can track the barrel of a gun at all times and tell you when it’s fired. Also, you’ll only be able to pull the trigger if the gun was assigned to you.

4. Wearables Will Detect Vital Signs

A police officer might not be able to call for backup if they’re hurt. Nobody will be able to offer any assistance until they’re eventually found. We finally have the problem fully under control.

When an officer is on duty they’ll put on a wearable device. It will keep a close eye on their vital signs. The moment they end up in trouble backup will be dispatched to their exact location.

5. Spotting A Suspect By Looking At Them

Google said anyone using their Glass technology couldn’t combine it with facial recognition software. Obviously some people completely ignored them, including police departments across in Dubai.

They’ve created facial recognition software that will alert them when they’re looking at a suspect. It’s scary to think when police officers are looking at you in the future it will be to conduct a background check.

The Police Are Turning Into Robots

RoboCop is a cult classic we’ve all enjoyed, but at the time it was pure fantasy. It turns out police officers are slowly turning into robots after all. Can you imagine what they’ll come up with next?

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