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First 2018 @SAPMentors @SAPCommunity Call: SAP Knowledge Organization Webcast Recap

This was a SAP Mentors webcast today.  This was the first one of the year.  Chris Kernaghan moderated.  Recording link is here

Source: SAP

Stefan said there have been discussions with SAP Mentors on certifications

Sigrid is responsible for learning experience and design and certifications

Jan Meyer looks after education commercial portfolio

SAP Learning Hub

Learning Hub is the learning core, available since 2012

Source: SAP

Above shows SAP Learning Hub achievements since 2017

Provide alternatives to ecosystem other than classroom training; this is the starting point for Learning Hub – a digital platform available any time or anywhere

“learn in a flexible way”

In 2017 – added live sessions; not formal classes; picks up a topic from live delivery.  Some topics require live delivery

Learning rooms offer social learning

In 2017 is to remove friction in Learning Hub; before not as easy to access. is one URL (just learned) – one jump to the Learning Hub

Access to learning room is now a 1 click access

Another is finding content; performed metadata clean-up.  SAP retired old content so the search returns relevant results.

Innovation of Learning Journeys to provide learning paths

Source: SAP

Awards won in 2017

Source: SAP

Solution Editions – why create?  Professional edition had everything inside – early knowledge transfer program – $2500 euros per user per year; this has worked past 5 years but received feedback from smaller customers was professional edition was too big of a package

Professional edition is cut into 8 slices

Source: SAP

5 hours of live access is included.

Source: SAP

Eight editions are shown above; for all roles

Source: SAP

Available since January

Source: SAP

Reducing friction since 2017

In 2018, introduce new content formats

Source: SAP

Adding recommendations – “you’ve taken this course, you may be interested in these”

Partner content in Learning Hub, starting with E&Y

Source: SAP

Bots answer questions in Learning Room; based on machine learning technology

Introduce shorter types of training


Source: SAP

Success stories are shown above

Question & Answer

Q:  How did you determine these to be the 8 solution areas?

A: Not easy; aligned what SAP calls the “portfolio” categories

Q: I think the pricing needs to be sensitive to PPP across geographies. For example, Average SAP salaries in India is around Euro 1200. There is no chance an independent consultant buying a professional edition. How are the adoption in APAC region?

A: Challenging topic; this is the latest “move” – fresh from the decision table to provide a 45% discount; there is no concrete discussions and SAP will listen to the market

Product Knowledge Portfolio, 2018 coverage

Source: SAP

SAP moved on “speed of innovation” – cloud has faster releases

Source: SAP

For new people to the topic, but also “upskilling offerings”

Source: SAP

Line of business offerings are shown above

Hybris is in high demand

Yellow arrow means constant investment

SAP Certification

Source: SAP

Announced last Thursday you can obtain a digital badge on different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, twitter, etc.

You can show your knowledge/certification

Source: SAP

Phase for digital badges

Source: SAP

An email is sent to you and you can share it on social platforms after claiming

Site to check certification registry: (h/t Former Member )

End User Onboarding and Enablement

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Value for end user onboarding and adoption thanks to Cloud

Source: SAP

Training inside the cloud; in 2017, using SAP Enable Now, created 600 tutorials

Source: SAP

Tutorials included/embedded into S/4HANA

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Planned for 2018

How it will work for customers

Source: SAP

Plans for 2018

SAP Live Class

Source: SAP

New tool, uses video, a virtual delivery learning tool instead of a conference tool.  SAP has used it in the EMEA region; put in place and roll it out and virtual ILT training to a new state of the art level.

“Watch this space”.   Watch for SAPPHIRENOW for more details.

The SAP Mentors hope to have a quarterly call on this topic.

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  • I was able to listen into the first half of the call.  I was easily able to disconnect after that.

    One of the first statements made was (loosely quoted) "I hope the Sap Learning Hub is where you start for all your training needs".  Mmmmmm....  It is cost prohibitive.  In some countries the cost is worse horrible. I guess that  didn't click for me until the call.  This is double what a person would earn in a year. Of course, in the US that isn't the case. I might be able to cost justify to my company by comparing it to an SAP training course. However, I come from a company with a limited training budget. I did - briefly - think about paying for it myself. It's just too darn expensive. And here I have to laugh at  myself, I would have paid for TechEd - similar cost.

    If the learning hub is where we should start perhaps getting on to it should be free then depending on where you want to go, there will be a price tag. For example if I want to go to an open sap course, no cost.   If I want to go to a learning hub course, I have to pay that yearly price tag, and then I can go there.

    The good thing that I did learn is that if a training course is budgeted for me, I'd rather have a year subscription.

    If you haven't heard anything about the learning hub, I'd recommend this replay. If you want to hear some tough questions asked - listen in.  I believe the price issue was raised nicely in the call. It will be interesting to see if the question goes back up the line.

    The badges that will go on the other popular sites is a very nice addition. This would allow for a quick verification for a future employer.

    Thank you for this interesting webcast. As always, thank you Tammy,  for the nice recap!


    • Hi Michelle,

      I have to say, you raised my blood pressure with the loosely quoted quote above ? and I had to listen to the start of the replay to hear the quote word for word before I caused an escalation internally!

      I was relieved though as Stefan started and said that your learning should start with openSAP and Jan said, “I hope you’re all learning with SAP Learning Hub” – but I didn’t hear that you start there ?

      openSAP is exactly the place that you should be starting your learning on the latest SAP products (you won’t find backdated training for R/3 with us, only the new stuff!). We see openSAP as the place to start and gain a solid understanding of the latest SAP innovations and topics (like high level overviews of data science/machine learning). Then, if you want to become an expert, you can move to SAP Learning Hub as the digital solution or to classroom training – and this is where the learning journeys come into play. Here’s an example for data science: You start with openSAP and move along the journey.

      You’ll be glad to know that Jan Meyer is responsible for SAP Learning Hub – he’s pretty much top of the food chain in SAP Learning Hub so any questions or concerns raised have been put to the right person on this call ?. I know that the new solution editions is one way that the team behind SAP Learning Hub have adapted the offering based on feedback previously – but there is always room for improvement, no matter how good you think you are!

      Kind regards,



  • During this call, one of the questions that caught my eye was by DJ Adams

    DJ Adams: Becoming an old chestnut but still worth mentioning here: For great learning material that is free, might we see the SAP TechEd video recordings consumable “anytime anywhere” rather than trapped inside the TechEd website only to be viewed online? Not sure if you have influence here, but it’s learning material that could be very valuable (in its current form it’s less so). Thanks ?

    We approached the SAP TechEd team and we’re happy to share that we’ve added some of the SAP TechEd sessions from 2017 to the openSAP platform in the format of SAP TechEd 2017 Recap. The content owners chose sessions that are still relevant and we’ve structured them into topics: Analytics, UX, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, and Security. You’ll find the sessions as well as related information where you can learn more. You can view the content online or offline, through your browser or on mobile devices with our android or iOS apps.

    The sessions are approx 1 hour long, so we’ve also added a new feature to help you navigate the session and allowing you to change to the next slide quickly.

    Hopefully you enjoy accessing the content from SAP TechEd via openSAP. Feedback is always important to us, whether it’s through community calls, our forums, helpdesk, community, in-person events. Please continue to help us improve our service to you!