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Custom Action in Hybris Marketing

I am providing some simple steps for enabling custom actions in Hybris Marketing as i could not find much documentation on how to enable them on UI along with the parameters and filter options, while i found it the hard way by “debugging”, i hope this can help save someones time ūüôā

simple steps to create a custom action by emulating the standard actions provided by default.

  1. goto- SPRO->SAP Hybris Marketing->Campaigns->Campaign->Define Campaign categories and actions.
  2. click on New Entries and enter your action name “ZCUSTOM” Description and implementation Class¬†“ZCL_XX_XX” preferably copy of standard class to start with.
  3. Assign the action to required campaign categories.
  4. goto SE16 open table CUANS_MKTORC_AC, add new entry for your custom action and maintain relevant attributes as required. refer standard actions on what and how maintain
  5. open table CUANS_MKTORC_AP add entry relevant to your custom action and maintain all the required parameters. refer standard actions on what and how maintain
  6. Modify your Z implementation class accordingly.
  7. create a new campaign and you should see your custom action along with its parameters visible in the UI.

Please note these are just steps on how and where to create the custom actions.

the logic and implementation of custom action is completely dependent on your business scenario.

To start with my suggestion would be to try and emulate the standard one as much as possible.

Hope this helps.




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