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Step by step to setup debug environment for Hybris HCP

This blog is written to demonstrate how to setup debug environment for Hybris ECP(Enterprise Commerce Platform).
1. start Hybris server via debug option
2. import folder <hybris installation folder>hybris\bin into Eclipse.
Right click on the extension you want to debug. In my example it is yacceleratorstorefront.
Choose Debug Configuration from context menu. Use Remote Java Application for debug configuration and connect to port 8000.
3. Set breakpoint in file \bin\ext-template\yacceleratorstorefront\web\src\de\hybris\platform\yacceleratorstorefront\filters\cms\
And access the storefront url below and try to open a catalog:
Then breakpoint is triggered:
After you press continue in debugger, you could observe the detail page with url inspected in debugger as expected.
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