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When you started your eCommerce business you imagined customers sitting in front of a computer. It’s safe to say they’ll more likely be staring into the face of a smartphone screen today. I hope you’ve adapted to the new world we’ve been thrust into.

If not, your competitors will be extremely happy. Smartphone technology means you’ll need to change the way you think. Do you know how all the big players are doing it? Here are a few ways you can let smartphones make you more money.

1. Photographs Need To Look Professional

Your customers will find amazing deals on sites like, so they’ll all have fantastic phones. The screens will have so many pixels your website will look lifelike.

When the screen quality on phones is good you’ll need to take professional-looking photos. If you don’t, they’ll look terrible. It works the other way too, so quality photos will boost your conversion rates.

2. It’s Slowly Replacing Email Lists

Email lists aren’t going anywhere in the near future, but you’ve got to admit they’re less effective these days. If you’re not being sent straight to spam, Google are sending you to the promotions tab.

If someone has your app on their phone you’ll make the rules. You can’t force people into accepting push notifications, but you can make them worth their while. Offer excellent deals and more customers will see them.

3. Using Mobile Payments To Buy Items

If you need to buy something on a laptop you grab your wallet. Your credit card isn’t sitting in a slot on the side. With mobile payments it is like you have a card permanently inserted into your phone.

More people will buy items online if it’s very convenient. We’ve only just started to see how mobile payments will change everything. Wait until they roll out everywhere and we’ll be wasting all our savings.

4. Businesses Can Stay Front Of Mind

When your brand is front of mind it means customers are always thinking about you. Who do you think they’ll buy from when they’re ready to spend money? Smartphones will allow you to achieve this easily.

The reason it’s so simple is because people check their phone roughly 150 times per day. If you have a wonderful app icon it will be hard to forget you. The most difficult thing is getting customers to download your app.

5. Customers Now Make Decisions Faster

Let’s imagine you’re going to buy a new lamp for your home. How many hours do you think it would take you to choose one? You might even take a few days to decide. On a mobile it will only take you a couple of minutes.

For some strange reason you’ll decide if you want to buy something almost instantly, which is great for eCommerce stores. Features like one click purchases will speed things up even more when they become widespread.

Focusing On Phones In The Future

It’s hard to see any eCommerce websites focus their attention towards desktop computers. If you aren’t on a phone, you’ll be afterthought. Take this into consideration if you want to boost your profits.

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