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SAP Business Client 6.5 – with Chromium Web Browser Control


The Restricted support for SAP Business Client 6.5 ended March 31, 2020.

All comments and questions should be added to 7.0 or 7.70 blogs.

With the upcoming 7.70 release Microsoft Edge (WebView2) will be supported.


See here:



Note: Chromium Web Browser Control is available from 6.5, PL 5 onwards  (SAP ONE Support Launchpad)

We are working hard to continuously improve our desktop client and for the first time in SAP Business Client history we offer a Chromium web browser control based on CEF –(Chromium Embedded Framework, Open Source Version of Google Chrome) as an alternative rendering engine to Microsoft IE*.
In our mission as a bridge-builder between different UI Technologies, we are now running custom SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori apps in a chrome based control.
The control offers the same performance and HTML5 technologies as the Google Chrome Web browser.
With patch level 5 you can easily choose between the two available browser controls: Internet Explorer or Chromium (picture 1).
The Chromium control comes with installation (picture 2). Just choose it in the front-end installer. New CEF versions will be respectively delivered with every patch.

*End of support of IE11 for SAPUI5 and Fiori Apps Q1/2021

What’s New with PL5

Besides the new Chromium web browser control, you can benefit from the Google Chrome browser developer tools.

New available are the functions: “find on page” (picture 3) and “document download”.

Watch the latest video on youtube.

picture 1


picture 2


picture 3



SAP Note 2446515: Requirements and Restrictions

Note 2455699: SAP Patches and release dates


Product Page

Help Portal documentation SAP Business Client 6.5, PL8


The SAP Business Client 6.5 software is part of the SAP Front End Package 7.50 Compilation DVD. You can download it from SAP Service Marketplace: SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Please note: The Chromium control will not enable users to consume SAP BC on Mac or Linux. It’s purely Windows-based.

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  • fehlerfrei lauffähige Versionen wären schöner,

    ich hatte mir heute zu BC-6.5 den Patch 4 installiert,  und schon startet der BC nicht mehr,

    dann den Patch-5 installiert, 1x liess sich der BC danach starten, aktuell aber nicht mehr



    ich gehe erst einmal zurück auf NWBC-5


    Issue solved after de-installation of older versions - always recommended - and the installation of SAP GUI 7.50.


  • I've recently rolled out Business Client 6.5 PL 5 to the end users and they are coming back saying that the CTRL + F (find) function has been disabled.  Has anyone else experienced this ?.

    • Hi Jeff,

      CTRL+F opens the "find on page" section. Nothing deactivated.
      For SAP GUI tabs in earlier releases the shortcut Ctrl+F has been ignored.
      See note 2597883.





        Thanks Sandra,  SAP have confirmed that CTRL + F doesn't work in PL5 for SAPGUI-tabs, and that it has been resolved in the next version being released in April

        • Hi Jeff,

          Search functionality for SAP GUI transactions are implemented on application side. Nothing to activate or to implement from SAP BC. For transactions search via field glass (magnifying glass with the SAP Belize theme). Ctrl+F can be used in the ABAP-Editor. For web based content within Business Client use Ctrl+F = "find on page" => see screenshot 3.



  • This is a very nice feature. I always wondered if nobody has problems regarding performance in IE.


    However I am slightly confused. I have installed NWBC 6.5 PL8, set browser controls to chromium, and still everything is rendered with IE. Does this not apply to html pages rendered in a CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER?


    Example "Use as general WWW browser" in transaction DWDM:

    • Hi Stefan,


      CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER is wrapping the IE WebBrowser control in SAP GUI for Windows screens. This is completely independent and decoupled from  the browser control which is used in the Business Client to embed Web UIs. SAP GUI for Windows screens are embedded in the Business Client, but still rely on the SAP GUI standalone rendering techniques.

      As such, a browser control addressed by CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER which is different from IE would need to be integrated by SAP GUI for Windows, and also installation and configuration would need to be available there.

      So unfortunately, there is no automatism possible regarding the availability and usage of browser controls in SAP GUI for Windows and in the SAP Business Client.


      Best regards


  • Hi Stefan,

    please check the settings (Personalize…) to see if you have really chosen the right browser control (IE/Chromium) see screenshot:

    The checkbox in the front end installer must be selected as shown in the screenshot (picture 2). 



  • Hello Sandra,


    We had SAPGUI 750 with SP5 that come with Business Client 6.5 PL5.   As stated to look at the personalize setting in Business client, but I am not able to see the browser section.  Here is screen print.


    Also there is sap note "2622660 - Security updates for the browser control Chromium delivered with SAP Business Client"

    Since I do not have the Browser section in personalize setting that allow me select the type of browser.  Is this mean I do not need the patch level?



    • Hi Scott,

      "Chromium Web Browser Control is available from PL 5 onwards ". You need PL5 and you have to install the SAP BC with Chromium. See screenshot:

      To stay up-to-date with the security updates for the browser control Chromium delivered with SAP Business Client we recommand using the latest PL.

      Every new SAP Business Client patch contains the most current stable major release of the Chromium browser control, which passed the SAP internal quality measurements of SAP Business Client. SAP recommends to apply additional safeguards as described in the SAP Business Client documentation: SAP Business Client -> SAP Business Client Administration Guide -> Security Aspects -> Security Settings for Browser Controls -> Chromium.




  • using Chromium preview for PDF document is not working.

    We have many webdynpro that shows documents and printings, but with Chromium the window is empty (blank window or portion of window).

  • Hi Sergio,

    I cannot reproduce your issue. For me it works. Download and preview. I am afraid you have to open a ticket. Create a report directly out of Business Client to attache to the incident (Control+Extended Supportability => Create Support Report. Trace level=verbose).



  • Hi Sandra ,

    As of your answer to stefan, I guess htmlviewer in sap gui should be working if we activate chromium, Is that right ?

    Because i've just set up business client 7.0 - pl 0 , with chromium and make the settings below.

    but html viewer still uses Intenet explorer.

    Am i missing something ?



  • Hi Sandra ,


    Some web pages using new Technologies/objects which are not working in IE.

    Then we can not display those web pages in SAP gui .

    Letting SAP GUI to render web pages with a browser other then IE is not possible right now.

    Thats what i understand. Please correct me if i am wrong.




    • Hi Emrah,

      thats correct. Using the Business Client – you can have both: New technologies rendered with Chromium/Edge and SAP Gui rendered with IE.

      Regarding the Business Client Edge will be part of the next upcoming Release 7.70.

      Regarding SAP GUIthere is an ongoing Evaluation of edge control (WebView2) as alternative for Internet Explorer Control for usage in HTML control. So that might be shipped with 7.70. We will see….



      The Restricted support for SAP Business Client 6.5 will end March 31, 2020.

      All comments and questions should be added in the 7.0 or 7.70 section.

      The 6.5 pages will be closed after that date.