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ABAP in Eclipse – External Debugger Setting

Hello  Mes Amis  !

It has been long since I wrote my last blog . And with technologies changing so fast its hard to keep your focus on what to start learning . Anyways I decided to stick to my core , which I love , ABAP !

But this time in a different way , Yes using Eclipse instead of ABAP workbench – Se80 . And while I am very confident in working in SE80 , I am getting use to developing & debuggging ABAP stuff in Eclipse . And I keep finding new stuff everyday rather every couple of hours .

Recently while I was trying to debug my ABAP program , I felt the need to to External/Remote User debugging , which in GUI we normally achieve through below screen And I couldn’t find it on any

SCN thread or post so thought of sharing a very small but significant thing for developer (and also start contributing again to the sap community 🙂 )



And  found in Eclipse , it to be here




Hope you find it useful !



Please see comment mentioned by Eric Oud below for a quicker way . Right click on Debug point activated and set User as above

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  • Is Eclipse still relevant for ABAP, I heard everything can be and/or has been moved to Web IDE or can be done in Web IDE. For SAP HANA. I might be wrong but just curious to know.

    • Yes Eclipse is recommended tool for ABAP by SAP.

      Web IDE is mainly used for SAP UI5 development . And SAP provides ADT(ABAP Dev Tools) plugins for eclipse to do abap dev in eclipse.



  • First of all thank you for sharing. Another way to get to these settings fast is to right-click in front of the source code line where you want to set the break-point (red arrow) and choose 'Debug Properties...'.

    Best regards,