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I’ve been investigating the Cloud Build Service and the options it has for on-premise Fiori apps. I concluded that it can only be used for online on-premise Fiori apps or the Fiori Launchpad, for now. In this blog, I want to show you how you can use the Cloud Build Service to create a Fiori Client for your on-premise Fiori Launchpad.

First, open Mobile services in SCP

Signing Profiles

Before we can use the Cloud Build Service, we need to upload/generate a signing profile.

For Android, you can just generate a signing profile by clicking on the “Generate button”. For iOS, you need to upload a Provisioning Profile, Signing certificate and a Private Key Passphrase. You can all get this information from the apple developer website.

Configure your Fiori Client

After that, we can start configuring the Fiori Client. Create a new Hybrid app.

Use the SAP Fiori template. The ID of the app should match the ID rule in your provisioning profile.


Go to the connectivity feature and remove it. This app will only be used to load the Fiori Launchpad but never access data via Mobile Services in SCP.

Next, open the Cloud Build Feature

Configure the Cloud Build. Instead of using Fiori Cloud edition, take the option “Custom URL” and fill in the url to your on-premise Fiori Launchpad.

Be aware that this is not with the virtual hostname and port but the physical host and port. In the end, it will only generate you a Fiori Client that is independent from SCP.


Save and build

Build your Fiori Client

Here you can select the target platform for the build and configure the build.

After that, you’ll see that there is a build in process. This will only take a few minutes.

Once the build is started, all the features will have the state “OK”.

Install your Fiori Client

When the build process is finished, you can download and install the app on your device.

We can even use a QR code to install the app:

This will redirect you to a webpage from where you can install the app

When the app launches, you’ll see a loading screen

After this loading screen, you normally get a logon screen. In our case, we have Single Sign On and will immoderately see the Fiori Launchpad


Start building your own Fiori Client!


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  1. Former Member


    I build an apk for android without problem with this guide, but with iOS the build failed.

    Do you know if there any problem with the trial account, and the build for iOS?

    Thanks and great work!



  2. Karthi M R


    I completed all the steps and built the app for Android in my SCP trial account. I could not see anything under user registrations even though I installed in 3 devices with 3 different user IDs.

    Please advice.


    Karthi M R.

    1. Wouter Lemaire
      Post author

      Best way to get some help is to raise a question and also share some more details. It’s hard to say what’s going wrong based on your short comment.



  3. Sundeep Sethi


    I am using my trial account to build the custom Fiori Client on cloud.

    I am able to build and install for Android, but it is not working for iOS.

    Do we need to purchase the license for Cloud Mobile Service to build the custom fiori client for iOS or can we create the custom Fiori Client using this approach for iOS with the trial cloud account?

    Thanks in advance.



    1. Wouter Lemaire
      Post author

      It should be possible with the trial account (at least it worked for me 🙂 ) But you need  an iOs provisioning profile and I don’t think that’s free..


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