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An inquiry from a customer consists of one or more items that contain the quantity of a material or service entered in the order. The quantity in a sales order is further divided into business lines and comprises of various subsets and delivering dates. The items mentioned in the Sales order are combined in a hierarchy and allows to differentiate between batches or to use combinations of materials. All the valid conditions on these items are mentioned in item conditions. These conditions for an item can be derived via a full condition and can be valid for the entire sales order.

In this blog, I want to explain about how do we create Using sales order number to create a delivery number, transfer order using transaction code

Step 1: Go to transaction VA01 create a sales order number and enter the sales order number into VA03 TCODE

Step 2: After displayed SO number go document flow or press f5

Initially, there is a delivery number is not created.

Step 3: so then go back in top there is a menu option for sales document->Delivery

Step 4: When we click on deliver it goes into below screen.

Step 5: To save the screen then the delivery number is created.

Step 6: After clicking on Tcode vl02n to create a transfer order we will get like as below screen.


Step 7: If particular delivery number TO(transfer order) is done or not we will check in there is a tab for picking in that picking status is there.

Step 8: If picking status is ‘C’ then transfer order is created and if picking status is ‘A’ means not completed the order.

Step 9: when creating a transfer order menu options there is subsequent options menu in that there is a  create transport order when we click on that

Step 10: we will get above the screen as like there we enter a plant as ‘1000’ and press enter

Step 11:After click on save button and we will get transfer order number

Step 12: Go to VA03 enter the sales order number and click on document flow there we will check delivery number and transfer order.

Step 13: After That Go to VL02n Tcode (Post Goods Issue) there we enter the delivery number from top there is a button for post goods issue when we click on that then post goods issue will be created like as below screenshot.

Step 14:After Entered the delivery and press the post goods issue then PGI number will be generated.

Step 15:After that Go to VF01 TCODE for to create a billing document number there we need to enter a delivery number and press enter button and save the reord then invoice will be created.

Step 16: Finally we have to check for all sales order, Delivery, Transfer, PGI, Invoice Numbers  in VA03 Tcode there we have a document flow we have to check there.



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  1. Michelle Crapo

    Tags – I love tags.   I’m not sure how this blog relates to OData.    Anyway nice simple explanation.    It would be a nice link to give to a new employee as a help document.

    Perhaps adding more information or a case study would be a good idea.  What kinds of non-standard SAP changes have you made to order processing?   Have you written a workflow or webflow around this?   Just something other than the basic SAP flow.   It would really help this blog stand out.



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