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To use XSA, first you must download the additional XSA components from SAP Support – Software Downloads – these packages are in addition to the base HANA Platform.
Knowing exactly which files are required can be tricky, so I have captured those below.
I used HANA 2.00.23 (HANA 2 SP2 Rev 23).

Search Words Description Filename (as at 22-Jan-2018)
EXTAPPSER Extended App Services – This is the main XSA server run time component EXTAPPSER00P_71-70001316.SAR
HRTT HANA Run Time Tools, required for WebIDE
XSACMONITOR XS Monitoring, required for WebIDE

The filenames above will change depending on the exact service pack and patch level available, I would usually recommend using the latest and greatest when possible.

Now that you have downloaded the 4 files, you only need to extract the EXTAPPSER00P_71-70001316.SAR, leave the .zip files whole.

sapcar -xvf EXTAPPSER00P_71-70001316.SAR

To install XSA you should place these files within the parent directory tree of the original HANA media (usually called SAP_HANA_DATABASE).

I now have the following structure


I can then execute the hdblcm command below and it finds all the previously downloaded packages.

/hana/media # SAP_HANA_DATABASE/hdblcm

SAP HANA Lifecycle Management - SAP HANA Database

Scanning software locations...
Detected components:
    SAP HANA Database ( in /hana/media/SAP_HANA_DATABASE/server
    SAP HANA XS Advanced Runtime ( in /hana/media/xsa/packages
    SAP HANA tools for accessing catalog content, data preview, SQL console, etc. (2.003.62) in /hana/media/XSACHRTT03_62-70002322.ZIP
    XS Monitoring 1 (1.005.8) in /hana/media/XSACMONITORING01_0-70002324.ZIP
    SAP Web IDE Web Client (4.002.6) in /hana/media/XSACSAPWEBIDE02_6-80002257.ZIP

Choose an action

  Index | Action             | Description
  1     | IH2 (update)       |
        |                    | (Database Worker (worker), XS Advanced Runtime Worker (xs_worker))
        |                    | 
  2     | install            | Install new system
  3     | extract_components | Extract components
  4     | Exit (do nothing)  | 

Enter selected action index [4]: 1

Choose components to be installed or updated:

  Index | Components | Description
  1     | all        | All components
  2     | server     | Update SAP HANA Database from version to version
  3     | xs         | Update SAP HANA XS Advanced Runtime from version to version

Enter comma-separated list of the selected indices [1]: 3
Retrieving Organization Name For Space "SAP" ...
Retrieving XS Advanced Admin User ...
Retrieving XS Runtime Database Name ...
Enter System Administrator (ih2adm) Password: 
Enter System Database User Name [SYSTEM]: 
Enter System Database User (SYSTEM) Password: 
Enter Organization Name For Space "SAP" [orgname]: 
Enter XS Advanced Admin User [XSA_ADMIN]: 
Enter XS Advanced Admin User Password: 

Choose XS Advanced components to be installed or updated:

  Index | XS Advanced Components | Description
  1     | all                    | All components
  2     | none                   | No components
  3     | xsac_hrtt              | Update SAP HANA tools for accessing catalog content, data preview, SQL console, etc. from version 2.3.62 to version 2.003.62
  4     | xsac_monitoring        | Update XS Monitoring 1 from version 1.5.8 to version 1.005.8
  5     | xsac_sap_web_ide       | Update SAP Web IDE Web Client from version 4.2.6 to version 4.002.6

Enter comma-separated list of the selected indices [3,4,5]: 

When I ran the command above I had already installed XSA and the XSA Apps (zip files).
If you look closely there’s an issue with the versioning, an extra 00 being inserted.  The version installed is the same as the version in the .zip files.

Once installed we can go to your URL similar to to see the various ports each XSA app is running on.

There an alternative way to manage and install XSA apps such as the WebIDE.  They can be installed with the xs client, from either the HANA server or a desktop machine.  I won’t cover all the apps here, but you can see the main syntax below.

LONM60272984A:bin i049374$ ./xs login -a --skip-ssl-validation 

The authenticity of host '' is not validated!
ORG: orgname

Existing spaces: 
1.	SAP
API endpoint: (API version: 1)
User:           XSA_ADMIN
Org:            orgname
Space:          SAP

LONM60272984A:bin i049374$ ./xs install ~/Downloads/XSACPORTALSERV02_0-80002098.ZIP

Running installation in org "orgname" / space "SAP" as XSA_ADMIN...
File upload starts...
Upload into container starts...
Container ID: ba8ee8b7-f451-45c9-a5dd-ad4a7e972c0f
Software Component   
name                 XSAC_PORTAL_SERV
version              1.2.0

Upload into container finished successfully
Validation starts...
Summary of what will be installed:
Software component XSAC_PORTAL_SERV ( 1.2.0
Validation finished successfully

Hopefully this gives you a quick guide to getting XSA and WebIDE installed.
This is just my experience, you should also refer to the official documentation.

Official SAP Help – Installing SAP Web IDE

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  1. Sampath K Redyam

    Hi Ian,


    Thanks for the detailed blog, I am facing below issue during hana runtime tools installtion.


    XSACHRTT04_54-70002322.ZIP      SP04 Patch54 for SAP HANA RUNTIME TOOLS 2.0


    xs install /hana/log/webide/XSACHRTT04_54-70002322.ZIP

    Running installation in org “orgname” / space “SAP” as XSA_ADMIN…

    Installation failed.
    ERR Not Found


    Could you please help me here.


    Thanks and Regards

    Sampath R.

  2. Ian Henry
    Post author

    Hi Sampath,

    I have not seen this error before, but you can check to see what packages/services are currently installed with the command below.

    ./xs s
    ./xs space SAP

    If you see HRTT you can then try to remove it.


  3. Hari Reddy

    Hello Ian,


    We upgraded our Hana DB to hana2sp03. Our Web IDE is still 10 version. If we can upgrade Web IDE to 2.0 without having to install XSA please ? I mean if Web IDE can be upgraded to 2.0 with XS Classic please ?




    1. Ian Henry
      Post author

      Hi Hari,

      No, this is not possible the new WebIDE requires XSA.  You still have the old XS Classic (XSC) one and can continue to use it, but we would recommend switching over to XSA whenever possible.

      We do not replace or remove the XSC WebIDE, both can co-exist happily.

  4. kishore chillamcherla

    Hi Ian

    Thank you for the great post.

    Recently I did updated the Webide on HANA 2.0 SPS03 (xs v1.0.82) environment and i used the following installation commands to update it.

    xs install XSACHRTT07_33-70002322.ZIP       –> executed successfully.

    xs install XSACSAPWEBIDE03_7-80002257.ZIP –e sap-xsac-devx.mtaext  –> executed successfully.

    with this we are able to update HRTT from Version: 2.5.36 to  Version: 2.7.33 and WebIDE from 4.3.23 to 4.3.33

    we downloaded the mta file from 2510063 – SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03 – Central Release Note

    even though there were no issues reported with the above two statements we are not able to load WebIDE and not able to see the SPACE in “di-space-enablement-ui” of XSA.

    appreciate if you have any recommendations or quick tips here.

    Thanks in advance




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