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How to identify internal vs external networks

Sometimes you want to know what route your connection to C4C is taking or check what causes a high latency. For this, it is necessary to know if the issue is in the internal or the external network. There are several methods to identify this. Here are two:

  • Identify your external IP address with Google’s: “what is my IP”

Type “what is my IP” into the Google search. This will give you the external IP of your router. Anything after that on your trace route is an external network

Run a trace route and find your public IP address (or the first one on the same range)

  • Identifying if the IP in your trace route is Private or Public

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) reserves the following IP address blocks for use as private IP addresses:

  • to
  • to
  • to

If you see in your trace route something outside that range, it means that is an external IP address.


RTT or Latency



1 56, 14, 1 Private
2 2, 3, 2 First Public
3 3, 2, 3  Unknown
4 4, 4, 3 Public
5 125, 8, 8 Public
6 11, 9, 12 Public
7 51, 34, 10 Public
8 11, 15, 16 Public
9 10, 111, 8 Public
10 10, 9, 10 Public


It is important to point out, that some firewalls block trace routes and it might not be possible to see the external IP address. For information on how to go around that, check the TCP trace route section in the following article: How to troubleshoot high latency networks for SAP Cloud for Customer


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