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Mass Material Availability Check for Maintenance Orders

Are you getting tired to open each Maintenance Order individually to check of Materials are available today? Or during the day while trying to schedule a maintenance work?

One of the most important reports for maintenance orders is IW38, which most of maintenance planners would use during it’s daily work. While IW38 is a great report, it was missing the possibility to perform effectively for the availability of the materials needed for the maintenance work.

SAP has recently released a set of notes that enable in the Change PM Orders (IW38) report the checking of the Material Availability for a set of selected mainteance orders.

The result of the Material Availability check is shown via a log screen with detailed information on each individual Order

It’s also possible to create a background job or parform ad-hoc mass material availability check with the new IW38A transaction.

Please refer to the following note to get additional information: – Update Missing Parts for ATP – Details on Innovation Discovery

This enhancement was developed as part of the ongoing initiative of Customer Connection project for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (Plant Maintenance). This initiative is dedicated to improve the current SAP Plant Maintenance solution in Business Suite. Customer Connect is one of the  influence program that gives our customers the opportunity to influence the software that our customers are actively using. General Information about Customer Connection can be accessed from here.

To find mode detailed Information about this Customer Connection within Plant Maintenance project click here. In case you want to get more involved and influence the development under progress,  please subscribe in the Innovation space and contact Zeliha Dikmen. The Customer Connection group is always happy to get more customers involved in defining, testing and improving the current solution.


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  • Hello Marton,

    can you please confirm if IW38A – or the “material availability check” in IW38 – are supposed to update the maintenance order or is it just a report to display the current situation?

    I am asking you this since we have implemented it, but the orders are not getting updated.

    Thank you,

    Best regards,

    Rui Gonçalves


    • The system status of the order should change according to the results of the material availability check.

      From what I’ve seen in my system IW38A and the material availabity check in IW38 provide the same results – It’s easier for users to use IW38 because they can highlight the orders that they need.


      Great idea !

  • Hi Marton

    What is your take on this situation?

    I have a total stock of 10 for product A

    When I have 4 maintenance orders, each consuming 10 pieces of product A


    When I run the ATP check for each order separate or in mass, it will indicate that there is sufficient stock for each order. Although I’m requesting 40 pieces while I only have 10 available. (I can see this in MD04)

    Is this also something IW38A will handle or is it just checking each order individually?



  • Hi,

    Would there be a case where we can mimic the COMAC transaction for PM Work Orders?

    I believe that it would be beneficial if we had that feature “Mass Processing Material Availability check where you can manage your “immediate” vs “planned” items?