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Many years ago, you could walk into an office and there would be zero laptops lying around. Desktop computers were the only thing that mattered for a long time. Technology has improved so much it’s now possible to carry out work on a smartphone.

It’s only going to get easier in the future. One of the big reasons why revolves around artificial intelligence. It will soon have a massive impact on smartphones. Let’s discuss a few things we’re likely to see within a few years.

1. There Will Be Less Car Accidents At Work

A spokesperson at mentioned something interesting recently. Smartphones will be able to access data like how fast vehicles are going, weather conditions, and GPS locations.

It can then alert drivers when they’re at risk of becoming involved in a car accident. Businesses and employees suffer a lot when accidents occur. Hopefully AI will be able to reduce the number of crashes considerably.

2. Predicting What You’re Going To Do Next

When you use a phone you can’t have multiple windows open like you can with a laptop. Under normal circumstances, you have to do one thing at a time and it takes you longer to perform certain tasks.

You might get into the habit of opening a word processor every time you’ve looked at a certain app. Your phone will know what you’re going to do next and open the app on its own to save you a few seconds.

3. You Can Empathize With Your Customers

Some people don’t like typing on their smartphones, so they’ll use dictation apps instead. To be fair, they’re a million times better today compared to what they were like years ago.

It’s still almost impossible to empathize with your customers effectively. Emotional speech recognition is a tough nut to crack. Once artificial intelligence gets better you’ll always come across in the right way.

4. Stopping Employees From Taking Photos

Imagine you’ve got employees working in a classified area. They’re working on a secret project and you don’t want them to take photos. If they need a phone at work it will be hard to prevent.

Artificial intelligence will be able to stop the camera from working in certain areas. It will also eventually stop it by learning what the camera is pointing at. Basically, it will be able to detect restricted content.

5. The Performance Of Phones Will Improve

If you’re using your smartphone to work it’s likely you are nowhere near your office. You might be away for a long time. The last thing you need is your phone running out of power when you’re busy.

AI will improve the performance of phones, and battery life is only one example. It will know the apps you want to keep running in the background. Your screen brightness will automatically change based on your past behaviors.

Smartphones Will Never Be The Same Again

It’s tough to even guess what smartphones will look like in a few years. One big breakthrough and everything could change. We definitely know artificial intelligence will play a huge role in their future.

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