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Best practices Cloud Integration Content in SAP Process Orchestration – Troubleshooting

This is a blog within a series of best practices blogs for cloud integration content in SAP Process Orchestration. For an overview of all blogs published within this series so far, refer to the overview blog.

In the following blog, I show a couple of tips and tricks that helps you to troubleshoot the message exchange on SAP Process Orchestration for SAP Cloud Platform Integration content running on SAP Process Orchestration. See also SAP note 2212870 – Cloud Integration Content Troubleshooting Information in SAP PI as Part of SAP NetWeaver.

Message Processing Log configuration

In case of an issue during message processing, you can configure the log level of the Message Processing Log (MPL) of an integration flow to gather more detailed processing information. In the Cloud Integration Management Cockpit, select the respective integration flow, and scroll down to the integration content details section. Here, you can choose between the log levels None, Information, and Debug. By default, Information is set.


Tracing can be enabled or disabled for a particular integration flow. By default, tracing is globally disabled on the SAP Process Orchestration. You first need to enable it on the server following the instructions described in SAP note 2462348.

Once globally enabled, as a prerequisite for writing traces during message processing, you need to set the log level to Debug, see above. If you have chosen the Debug log level, the Enable button is activated. Click on Enable.

This will start writing traces for 10 minutes. Tracing will then be automatically disabled after 10 minutes to avoid any performance impact during normal message processing.

You can display the traces in the Message Monitor for Cloud Integration Content.

Support archive download

if you have raised an incident ticket, support may ask you for more details about your integration scenario. In the deployment cockpit, you can download an archive for SAP support analysis.

This archive includes the generated web application for the integration flow.

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