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Author's profile photo Anne McClelland

SAP Sourcing / CLM Release 11 is GA!

The SAP Sourcing / CLM team is pleased to announce:

SAP Sourcing / CLM release 11.0 On Premise is now GA!

As of January 17th, 2018, Release 11.0.03 is generally available for download. We encourage all our customers to start upgrade plans for this new release. Release 11 offers many exciting features for our customers, including:


  1. HANA DB Support
  • Enables complete replacement of the Sourcing/CLM database
  • By eliminating Oracle or DB2, enables lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Supports both HANA 1.0 SP12 and HANA 2.0
  1. Improved Workflow Approval/Rejection emails and tokens
  • make additional email tokens available, e.g., “Rejection Reason”, more fields from Agreement or Project available as email tokens, etc.)
  • Addition of configurable standard and custom extension fields as workflow email tokens
  • Enhanced email content provided to workflow approvers to provide additional approval/rejection decision making information
  1. Support Mobile Approvals – Fiori My Inbox
  • Improves turnaround time for approvals,
  • Increases adoptability


  1. S/4 HANA Integration
  • Enables Sourcing/CLM integration to the “next generation” of SAP ERP and SRM
  1. Standard Ariba Sourcing On Demand integration to SAP CLM On-Premise.
  • Enables key customers to perform Sourcing in the cloud yet keep their contracts (intellectual property) behind their firewall
  1. Support for Service Masters/Service Lines/Service Outlines.
  • Enables more extensive support of this frequent and complex service procurement activity
  • Addresses key functional gap between ERP’s powerful service procurement capability and the limited current capability of Sourcing/CLM.
  1. Asynchronous publishing of CLM Master Agreement to an ERP Outline Agreement to improve response time and user experience.
  • Enables support of CLM Agreements with very large numbers of line items to be published to ERP as Outline Agreements
  • CLM users will not have to wait for Agreement publishing to complete before continuing to work in CLM
  1. Ability to Disable “selective” validations that occur prior to publishing to ERP.
  • Provides ERP Integration validation flexibility based on SAP ERP Transaction Types that corresponds better to how ERP has been configured
  • Supports customization of the PI-based Contract Lifecycle Management integration to other SAP and non-SAP applications, e.g., SAP SD, SAP CRM, non-SAP back-end systems


  1. Page Customizations – Allow fields to be repositioned to different tabs within a business document.
  • Enables our customers to put all key or required fields on one tab,
  • Eliminates User clicks
  • Improves Usability

Contract Management

  1. Enhance and Expand the Agreement Change Detail History Feature
  • Provides full auditing of total agreement tracking
  • Provides auditing of line item detail including price changes
  • Provides audit reporting across users, date ranges and agreements
  1. E-Signature Enhancements
  • Enhancements to the Adobe Sign integration to support Interactive Send capabilities.
  • Captures signing order to send to DocuSign or Adobe Sign
  • Reset Status now integrates with DocuSign/Adobe Sign to void the corresponding envelope on the vendor side
  • Provides status report of a list of outstanding signature requests
  • Streamlined the UI


The end of maintenance date specific for Release 11 is 12/31/2021.

The Product Availability Matrix page for SAP Sourcing/CLM Version 11 is now available to provide the supported platform information.

Please contact me directly for more information on this release. (



Anne McClelland

SAP Sourcing / CLM Product Management

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      Author's profile photo Phanipoorna Avula
      Phanipoorna Avula

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you very much for the detailed information. My focus point here is Fiori for SAP CLM.


      Can you please share more technical details regarding the same as per the below points

      1. Frontend Gateway : Like us, many customers are using My Inbox Fiori app for ABAP stack Workflows LIVE. What is the Focus here? Do we need to upgrade it to the new Inbox Component or the existing Gateway landscape will support it with minimum Configuration? We are more focused on IT Side with impact analysis.
      2. Backend – SAP CLM Capabilities: Does this Fiori Solution is still using CLM RestFUL Services API to Pull work items (We did it long back) for FIORI? Or any new ODATA API has been introduced from CLM Side.


      I request you to share more technical details on this matter.



      Phani Poorna Avula

      Author's profile photo Anne McClelland
      Anne McClelland
      Blog Post Author

      Hello, thank-you for your questions.

      1. You should be able to configure existing instances of My Inbox to also process approval requests from SAP Sourcing / CLM.  The only open question is that your existing version of My Inbox is compatible with a version that SAP Sourcing / CLM supports.  Initially we are compatible with My Inbox 2.0

      2. Our Integration is not using CLM RestFUL Services API to pull work items.  We have written separate RestFUL web services for Fiori operations by using the existing Sourcing Web Service Framework.

      I hope this helps. Please email me with any additional questions.



      Anne McClelland, Product Management

      Author's profile photo Phanipoorna Avula
      Phanipoorna Avula

      Hi Anne,


      Ok. Many customers are LIVE with My Inbox 1.0 version. I have explored the CLM latest Technical documentation on this matter and got a clear picture on the architeture and integration of what SAP has offered. My inbox 2.0 requires upgrade of many dependent compoenents in FIORi server. We have to access the existing ABAP workflow tasks which were being extended in My inbox with the upgrade. From architecture perspective it is a Custom task implemention which we can implement with 1.0 as well. We will analyse with the existing versions and take the decision accordingly.

      Thank you


      Phani Poorna