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How The Internet Of Things Technology Is Gradually Changing The World

The internet of things (IoT) technology is about having multiple devices interact or communicate with one another over the internet with the aid of their sensors. As simple as it sounds, if the technology is well exploited by app developers, the earth may simply become the new heaven. Here are a few ways in which app developers can apply the technology to app development.

Products that advertise themselves

For instance, every bottle of soda can come with a button that controls an embedded sensor. The button can be linked to the drinker’s Android smartphone. So, once the button is pressed, an interface is opened on the user’s smartphone. In the interface, all the social media applications on the phone is brought up asking the drinker to select the most preferred one.

Once he selects a social media, a message is automatically posted on his social media wall that he is enjoying a bottle of soda, also mentioning his location. There will be a call to action at the end of the message.

Imagine what will happen when his friends see the message. This will definitely boost the sales of the brand of soda because others will definitely want to have a drink and have the same message automatically posted on their social media accounts. App developers can develop an app for the soda company that will be resident in their server. Once the button is pressed, the sensor communicates with the smartphone of the drinker. It will now send all the details of the smartphone and the social media chosen by the drinker to the main server. The server will post the message on the user’s account.

This should not be difficult as App developers have already developed numerous apps that post messages on the social media account of users with user’s permission.

Fitbit has already implemented something similar. The application keeps important daily statistics on the user’s weight loss program. Some of the daily statistics are the length of exercise, type of exercise, and calories burned. The most impressive part is that these statistics are posted on the user’s social media account. The main advantage is that when his friends get to see it, they will be interested in buying the product. The app must have been developed by highly experienced app developers.

Reminder for routine service

Top app development companies can develop apps that monitor car usage and remind the owner when it is due for log service. While this app reminds the owner, it also notifies the manufacturers too. If the owner refuses to take the car for service after three days’ reminders, the auto manufacturer can now call the owner to remind him to take his car for service. He should also be notified that the warranty on his car will be voided if he keeps skipping service checks.

This application should not be for only automakers. It can also be applied to other appliance manufacturing industries. It is applicable to any appliance that requires servicing like the heater and the air conditioner.

Fault prevention

Another way to implement the internet of things technology is by developing an app that monitors all the components of a car. So, if any part is faulty, it should notify the user and also proffer a solution. This way, nobody will waste money to diagnose the problem of their car anymore. They will only pay for the solution.

Sometimes, the problem with your car could be what you can fix but because you lack the knowledge and equipment to diagnose the problem, you will take it to an auto technician. It is when you get your bill that you will realize that you could have fixed the problem yourself. But with this fault prevention application, you will be able to fix what you can fix and take your car to the technician for only faults you can’t fix.

In addition, the application should also be able to detect a part that is not recommended. This means when a part that is not recommended for your car is installed in it, the app should be able to detect it and notify you. Remember, not every part that works with your car is recommended for it. Several technicians deliberately do this. Instead of telling the owner that the required part is not available, they will install another part that works with it because they don’t want to lose the sale. This kind of practice reduces the lifespan of cars.

Smart wallet

This example has already been implemented by a wallet company. The wallet communicates with the smartphone of its user. The most striking feature of the wallet is that you can’t forget it. Wondering how? Immediately you are about 50 yards away from your wallet, it will assume that you have forgotten it and you will receive a notification on your phone that you have forgotten your wallet.

Another good benefit if using your wallet is that you can use it to locate your phone. Sometimes, you may drop your phone somewhere in your apartment absent-mindedly. You will be sure the phone is somewhere around but you won’t be able to pinpoint exactly where you dropped it.

This wallet can help in such a situation. It will call out your phone. Given, you can use other phones to call it. But what if the missing phone is in silent mode? This is where the smart wallet makes a difference. It has the ability to call out your phone even if it is in silent mode. The wallet is the Indiegogo smart wallet. It is built on IoT technology.

Smart car

The much-awaited smart car or self-driven car is another application of IoT. The car will be able to communicate with other smart cars and know when they are getting too near. This helps to prevent collisions. There are times a stationary car will be on the road while oncoming motorists will think it is moving. By the time the motorists realize that the car in front is stationary, it will be too late. So, there will be a collision. But that cannot happen with self-driven cars. The car will detect the other smart cars that are in motion and the ones that are stationary.

In conclusion, if the IoT technology is well exploited, it will revolutionize every sector of life. It can be applied in infinite ways. The applications outlined above are just a few of them.

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