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15/06/2017 “Hi Rafael, Good news – the fellowship position is yours!”Jason Cao

In that moment, I did not have a clue what was coming in the next 6 months. The feeling that I have, is that Jason Cao, offered me two pills, one red and one blue, and instead of show me the Matrix he showed me the real SAP.

Not only showed me SAP but also introduced me to people that are truly awesome, that make their everyday jobs, a better company to work for. SAP Mentors program by itself, is already a magic program, but attend to Las Vegas and Barcelona SAP TechEd’s cannot be described by words not even by giveaways 🙂

I only must thank all the team from SAP Mentors program, Jason Cao , Katarina Fischer , Svea Becker , Chris Chan , Maria Farrales and Malin Liden. You are amazing! A special squad that keeps Mentors relevant inside and outside SAP, and I am very proud to say to everyone that I let my contribution!

I have conscious that this was a temporary role, but this fellowship changed me for life.  Thank you every Mentor that I had any interaction in the past 6 months, we did amazing things, 24 hours’ marathon, community calls, chats in the booth, lunch, dinner, and so on.

Special Thanks to Latam SAP Mentors too, BRUNO LUCATTELLI  Diego Dora Marssel Vilaça ,Marcelo Ramos Jose Nunes Raquel Pereira da Cunha Wence Lacaze Former Member Marrieta Raquel Seville was really nice to be part of this family! If you need anything count on me!


Once again, Happy Birthday SAP Mentors! I hope that in the 20th bday I will be back 😀


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  • Hey Rafael,

    not sure I can follow exactly what this is about, but you seem to have experienced something great and share it with is here, so that's nice!

    A small side-note: I’m not sure if you are "allowed" to use the "SAP Mentors"-Tag (that's how I discovered your blog), to my understanding it is exclusive for bearers of the "Mentor Lemon"?!



    • ...just noticed, thing's seem not to be so strict with the Mentors Tag:


      Bill is using it, too!


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  • A little background for readers - SAP has an internal Fellowship Program where full-time employees can spend up to 6 months (sometimes longer) with another team within SAP, in a completely different role. For SAP, this program helps build bridges between different teams, and for individual employees, it gives them a chance to learn, explore and experience something different. Not many organizations I know have this luxury or are this committed to its people. Speaking of people, these Fellows are outstanding contributors at SAP, and are therefore given this opportunity.

    And speaking of outstanding, Rafael Guimbala is just one of these Fellows who spent 6-months away from his Product Support Engineer role, and spent July-Dec 2017 with our SAP Mentors Program team. His main responsibility was engaging with our Latin American mentors, yet his influence was greater. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience Rafael!