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Support Spotlight: Tips from SAP Business One Support

Important: This list of articles will no longer be maintained. Instead, please check b1 support spotlight to catch the SAP Business One Support blogs.


This is a complete list of the articles written by the SAP Business One Support team. These articles are inspired by partner’s questions, and by best practices and tips from our Global SAP Business One Support Team. I hope you find them informative and helpful!

Published Title Link
28-OCT-2020 Missing G/L Account under Choose from List of Accounts window
01-JULY-2020 How does SAP Business One handle Exchange Rate Differences
12-MAY-2020 Support Spotlight: Creating SAP Business One test environments automatically
27-APR-2020 Support Spotlight: When is “Set as Default” button available in Document Numbering
27-JAN-2020 Support Spotlight: Tips for Reporting with Open Items List
19-NOV-2019 Support Spotlight: SAP HANA Migration Tips for Large Databases
12-NOV-2019 Support Spotlight: Your Year End To-Do. Check it now!
07-NOV-2019 Support Spotlight: Running SAP Business One with Browser Access
14-OCT-2019 Support Spotlight: How to Take Control in Electronic Document Monitor
03-OCT-2019 Support Spotlight: Sending Alerts in SAP Business One
23-AUG-2019 How can you successfully work with Document Numbering Series under different Period Indicators? Find out here!
23-JUL-2019 Support Spotlight: Why you should care about Ignore Cumulative Lead Time in MRP
11-JUL-2019 Support Spotlight: 3 Tips on How to Prepare your Excel Import File in SAP Business One
02-JUL-2019 Support Spotlight: Tips for working with Inventory Audit Report (Part 2)
27-JUN-2019 Support Spotlight: Fine-tuning performance on SAP Business One with Microsoft SQL
21-JUN-2019 Support Spotlight: Document Numbering and Closing the Year in SAP Business One
14-JUN-2019 Support Spotlight: How to Add Data to UDO via Integration Framework for SAP Business One (B1if)
24-MAY-2019 Support Spotlight: Support Map for SAP Business One Partners!
10-APR-2019 Support Spotlight: Quick tour of the latest SAP Business One Cloud 1.1 PL13 features!
31-MAR-2019 Support Spotlight: Transaction Load Monitoring Tool for SAP Business One
8-MAR-2019 Support Spotlight: Focuses on fine-tuning performance on SAP Business One, version for HANA
20-FEB-2019 Support Spotlight: How to work with Inventory Audit Report
10-JAN-2019 Support Spotlight: New Variance Report for Production Order
20-DEC-2018 Support Spotlight: Fixed Assets Resources for You!
10-DEC-2018 Support Spotlight: A guide to exporting SAP Business One Forms into XML for Crystal Reports
26-NOV-2018 Support Spotlight: Tips – Proceso de Aprobación SAP Business One 9.3
21-NOV-2018 Support Spotlight: Changing Posting Periods, what to think of
14-NOV-2018 Support Spotlight: What’s New with Import from Excel in SAP Business One 9.3
05-NOV-2018 Support Spotlight: Greater Control with Block Manual Postings
17-OCT-2018 Support Spotlight: Our Community Hero
10-OCT-2018 Support Spotlight: SAP HANA Admins – Schema Import and Data Consistency
21-SEPT-2018 Support Spotlight: Checklist for Inventory Account Setup
10-AUG-2018 Support Spotlight: Fully Transparent Payment Entries For Simple Reconciliations with SAP Business One
30-JUL-2018 Support Spotlight: Send to SAP – What Happens With Your SAP Business One Support Incident After This?
18-JUL-2018 Support Spotlight: Enhancement on Payment Engine in SAP Business One 9.3
11-JUL-2018 Support Spotlight: Top 5 Tips for Quick Copy in SAP Business One
03-JUL-2018 Support Spotlight: New in SAP Business One 9.3 – Mandatory Journal Entry Remarks
19-JUN-2018 Support Spotlight: How to analyze Negative NBV in the Asset History Sheet in SAP Business One
12-JUN-2018 Support Spotlight: Introducing Limited Support S-User in the Support Launchpad for SAP Business One
06-JUN-2018 Support Spotlight: Centralized Deployment in SAP Business One 9.3
23-MAY-2018 Support Spotlight: Have you set-up your inventory accounts correctly?
17-MAY-2018 Support Spotlight: New ‘Report a Problem’ feature in SAP Business One 9.3
11-MAY-2018 Support Spotlight: EU GDPR and SAP Business One Support
03-MAY-2018 Support Spotlight: Understanding DI Proxy capabilities to achieve better operations in SAP Business One
14-MAR-2018 Support Spotlight: Reconciliação Interna envolvendo pagamento por Boleto Bancário – mainly for Brazil
27-FEB-2018 Support Spotlight: Tired of creating SAP Business One test environments manually?
21-FEB-2018 Support Spotlight: Instant Payments Made Simple in SAP Business One 9.3!
14-FEB-2018 Support Spotlight: Chat and Share Data with SAP Business One
08-FEB-2018 Support Spotlight: How to Import Fixed Assets Legacy Data into SAP Business One
14-JAN-2018 Support Spotlight: Top SAP Business One Support articles from 2017
06-DEC-2017 Support Spotlight: A Numbers Person but not an SQL Wizard?
01-DEC-2017 Support Spotlight: Two Important Functionalities for SAP Business One Cloud
23-NOV-2017 Video of E2E Journey in Support
16-NOV-2017 Support Spotlight: Tips for Approval Process with Delivery Date Changes
27-OCT-2017 Support Spotlight: Your Top 3 Questions on Printing Checks for Payment in SAP Business One
20-OCT-2017 Support Spotlight: Posting Periods for 2018 – The Journal Voucher Trick
12-OCT-2017 Support Spotlight: Mexico! 2 Simple Tips for Electronic Invoices in SAP Business One
05-OCT-2017 Support Spotlight: Benefits of Remote Connection for SAP Business One
16-SEPT-2017 Support Spotlight: Your Top 3 Qustions on Pick and Pack in SAP Business One
24-AUG-2017 Support Spotlight: Backup and File System Maintenance on SAP Business One for HANA
07-AUG-2017 Support Spotlight: SAP-B1-NOW. Dial one number to talk to SAP Business One Support
03-AUG-2017 Support Spotlight: Let us all welcome ‘GoToAssist’ together
25-JUL-2017 Support Spotlight: GST Collaboration Group – India only
21-JUL-2017 Support Spotlight: Top 3 Questions on Modifiying SAP Business One Data
16-JUN-2017 Support Spotlight: Goods & Services Tax (GST) – India localization only
09-JUN-2017 Support Spotlight: Getting it Right from the Get Go! Crucial Settings for SAP Business One
25-MAY-2017 Support Spotlight: Prepare & Prevent – SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA
18-MAY-2017 Support Spotlight: Top 5 SAP Notes for a happy SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA environment
12-MAY-2017 Support Spotlight: Your Questions Answered on RSP Technical S-User
05-MAY-2017 Support Spotlight: Why the relaunched SAP Support Portal affects Business One Customers
27-APR-2017 Support Spotlight: How to Check the Changes between Patches in SAP Business One DI API and UI API
13-APR-2017 Support Spotlight: 3 Ways SAP Keeps Your Data Safe
30-MAR-2017 Support Spotlight: All You Need to Know about SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA High Availability
24-MAR-2017 Support Spotlight: Journey of an SAP Business One Upgrade incident
16-MAR-2017 Support Spotlight: 6 Reasons Why Having RSP Helps Us to Help You
09-MAR-2017 Support Spotlight: How to Reconcile Fixed Assets Account Balance with Fixed Assets Net Book Value
23-FEB-2017 Support Spotlight: How to Successfully Transfer Customer Data to SAP Business One Support
16-FEB-2017 Support Spotlight: Coming Soon – GoToAssist replacing WebEx
09-FEB-2017 Support Spotlight: Top 5 Places for Support Learning
02-FEB-2017 Support Spotlight: Evolution of the License Service Protocol
26-JAN-2017 How to Use the “RecurringTransactionService” Object in SAP Business One SDK
13-JAN-2017 All You Need to Know about Schema Export and Import for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA
20-DEC-2016 A Smooth New Year with Bank Statement Processing


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      Author's profile photo Sridharan Thangaraj
      Sridharan Thangaraj

      Good Initiative.


      Author's profile photo Lilian Kennedy
      Lilian Kennedy
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Sridharan!

      Author's profile photo Nagarajan K
      Nagarajan K


      Very useful content from support team.

      Please update standard practices for SAP B1 HANA instance backup and removal old backup log files.



      Author's profile photo Sagar Dixit
      Sagar Dixit

      Hi Nagrajan,


      You may check following SAP Notes details on backup and housekeeping area, and for more detailed information, refer to SAP HANA Database Administrator Guide available at


      1642148 - FAQ: SAP HANA Database Backup & Recovery

      2096851 - Backup Catalog Housekeeping within HANA DB




      Author's profile photo Nagarajan K
      Nagarajan K

      Hi Sagar,

      Thank you for your reply and SAP notes.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Jehan Marcellus Jarschel
      Jehan Marcellus Jarschel

      Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.