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If you’ve started a company in the last few years you might not appreciate how lucky you are. Things definitely weren’t the same in the past. Business owners would have thought the technology we have today was plucked out of a science fiction movie.

There is one huge reason why we love it so much. It allows us to make millions of extra dollars every year. Maybe it’s the reason your company hasn’t burned to the ground yet. Here are some of the game changers we couldn’t have imagined.

1. VoIP Replaced Tired Old Phone Lines

If you look at expense sheets from old businesses you’ll see phones weren’t cheap. It was even worse if you had international clients residing in multiple countries. VoIP phones for business appeared and landlines became (almost) obsolete.

Employees could communicate over the internet and costs dropped dramatically. Imagine the impact it would have on large businesses where everyone is on a call every 5 minutes. VoIP even allows you to see who you’re speaking to.

2. Heat Maps Increase Your Conversions

I bet your mom used to tell you every penny counted when you were young. You’ll be glad to know it’s completely true, but when you run a large business those pennies amount to millions of dollars.

Businesses need to focus on small changes and conversion optimization is top of the list. It’s changed a lot over the years. For example, it’s now possible to redesign sites based on heat maps.

3. Automatic Cart Abandonment Emails

Offline stores moved online, but it’s not what we’re going to talk about. We can all agree online businesses help improve profits. It’s those little things that can boost them even more you should care about.

A cart abandonment email is the perfect example to use. In the past, companies would lose out on tens of millions because customers wouldn’t complete their orders. Now they can finally recoup a decent percentage of the money.

4. More Advanced Keyword Research Tools

Google wasn’t the first search engine to hit the net, but it’s been the most successful. Businesses still need a way to capitalize on it. You’ll know it’s much harder to rank now than in the good old days.

Advanced research tools make it a hundred times easier. Enter a keyword and it will come up with hundreds of similar ones. Software even has the power to tell you how hard it will be to rank for each one.

5. The Handling Of Finances Went Digital

Two things happen when everything is on paper. Anything can be misplaced, and looking through it wastes tons of time. If your business is big enough any of these could cost you millions each year.

Now we use accounting software to keep everything stored safely in the cloud. It will save you more time than you’ll ever know. I hope you’re aware it can handle things like payroll too, which will also save you a fortune.

Start Using Everything That Will Help

We’ve just talked about how software can boost your profits by millions of dollars. Therefore, if you’re not using it you are throwing millions away. Take advantage of everything that will help your business grow.

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