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How to Fetch Delta Record from Successfactors using CPI Successfactors Soap Adapter

About the Author:

I work as a Developer in Cloud Platform Integration and work predominantly in building and maintaining CPI adapters. Adapters are used to integrate systems with different platform. I specialize in CPI Successfactors Adapter, which is used to integrate systems with Successfactors.

Why This Article:

We found users of CPI Successafctors adapter finding it difficult to understand how to fetch delta records from Successafctors system.

So i thought it would be good if i write a step by step instructions explaining how to do the same.

What to expect in this article:

In this article we will explain how to configure CPI successafctors Adapter to fetch Delta records from Successfactors System.

What are Delta Records:

Delta in mathematical term mean Change or Difference.

So a Delta on database records equates to records that have changes.

How does it work:

When a Query operation is performed with Delta, CPI Successfactors adapter fetches all the records in the first run and in the second run it fetches only those records that are modified after the first run.

How to configure Delta in CPI Successfactors Soap adapter:

Lets configure the CPI Successfactors adapter to perform delta query operation.

1.Create a Integration Project

In this example we are fetching delta records from Successfactors Soap adapter and the records are sent to SFTP server.

2. Model Delta Query operation

Enter Successfactors connection details and click on Select.

Model operation requires you to connect to the Successfactors system. Enter the Successfactors connection details and click on Connect.

In the Entity Selection dialog, Select the table that needs to be queried. In our scenario we are querying User table.

Select the Columns that needs to be fetched from User table.

┬áSelect the Filter tab and under “Filter by” column select the filed from the User table, using which Delta operation will be performed. The filed that is selected should be of DateTime type, no other filed is eligible for Delta operation.

In our example we have selected “Lastmodified” column, whose value will be used to determine the Delta operation.

Under “Operator” column select “>”

Under “Input Type” column select “Delta Sync”, the value column will be auto populated with “maxDateFromLastRun”.

Now click on Ok.

Your final query will look like this.

SELECT jobTitle, keyPosition, lastModified FROM User WHERE lastModified > to_datetime('${deltasync.maxDateFromLastRun}')

Save the changes and deploy the iflow.

In the first run you will be getting all the records, from the second run onwards you will be getting only Delta records.


In this article we understood how to configure CPI Successfactors Soap adapter to fetch Delta records from Successfactors system.

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      Author's profile photo Venkat P
      Venkat P

      Hi Deepak,

      Thanks for detailed explanation.




      Author's profile photo Jonas Costa
      Jonas Costa

      Hi @Deepak


      Thanks for your explain.

      But, when I have a current integration running on CPI with a standard API, like Employee Central to HCM employment informations, how can I change for this integration to work on delta sync mode?


      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Manoj Kumar Pothuganti
      Manoj Kumar Pothuganti

      Hi Deepak

      Can you please help me with below query:

      Will This return Effective Dated records as well ?
      Record edited today, to a future dated effective date.

      Will the record returned in current delta run or in the delta run when changes get effective ?