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Estimates have shown roughly half of the workforce will be working at home within the next few years. It’s likely they are being a little optimistic, but you can’t deny it’s becoming more popular. One day it’s obviously going to become the norm.

There is only one reason why smart companies can capitalize on this in the first place. We finally have the technology at our fingertips that allows us to do it. Are you taking advantage of it right now? Let’s take a quick look at what you’ll need.

1. Holding Virtual Meetings With Employees

You can send your employees home from the office, but you’ll never be able to eliminate meetings. It’s why video conferencing systems are crucial to businesses. Nobody needs to be sitting at the same table.

In fact, nobody at the meeting will need to be in the same country. If someone has an internet connection they’ll be able to attend meetings from anywhere. Employees will only need to know the time they should show up.

2. Communicating With Each Other Is Simple

Do you remember when email blasted onto the scene decades ago? It’s been the number one communication tool for a long time. Unfortunately, it’s a waste of time when your employees are talking.

When working remotely a team will need software like Slack. It’s designed with the goal of helping everyone communicate in one place. Employees will feel like they’re sitting next to each other in cubicles.

3. Project Management Software Is Essential

Once everyone scatters out you’ll need to find a way to keep on top of your projects. There are a few free solutions out there. For example, small businesses should be able to get away with using offerings from Google.

A larger business will need more robust project management software. Basecamp is extremely popular right now. It’s so advanced you’ll feel like your employees are reporting to you face-to-face.

4. Making Sure Employees Aren’t Slacking

It’s been shown employees are more productive when working from home. Sadly, a few of them will take advantage of the situation. They’ll sit around doing nothing if they think they’ll get away with it.

You can use employee monitoring software to keep a watchful eye on them. It’s even possible to monitor laptop screens. If you don’t want to upset everyone this should only be used on those you suspect of wasting time.

5. Keeping Track Of All Your Finances

It’s safe to say every business should be using accounting software today. There are a huge amount of benefits you’ll receive even if you do have an office. It’s so cheap small businesses should be using it too.

When you decide to work remotely you won’t have a choice. You’ll need to use a solution like QuickBooks to control your finances. I’m sure you know running into any money problems could cripple your company.

Your Business Could Operate Remotely

Take a close look at all the software we’ve talked about today. Do you think your business would be able to operate remotely? If so, it has massive upsides and you should begin looking into it soon.

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