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Emperor Claudius introduced legitimate lawyers to the world nearly two thousand years ago. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not changed much since then. Courtrooms still look like the place time forgot. Technology definitely hasn’t had a great impact on them.

Surprisingly, technology is beginning to have a bigger impact on attorneys. If they want to continue excelling in the future they’ll need to keep up with it, which will be hard because it changes all the time. Here are a few things you’ll find intriguing.

Fake News Is Now Affecting Verdicts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year you’ve heard about fake news. Popular tech companies like Facebook are suffering from it, which means large portions of the population don’t know what to believe.

Personal injury attorney Evan W. Kohn was speaking about this recently. There is already enough suspicion in personal injury cases, but fake news is making it worse. Damaging stats are being blown well out of proportion.

Data Mining to Select Better Jurors

Attorneys have always tried their hardest to dig into the lives of jurors before selecting them. If they know who is more likely to vote in their favor, they’ll be much more likely to win their case.

Data mining is taking things to an entirely different level. You can basically learn anything about someone, which some people would say is unethical. Fortunately, attorneys don’t need to tell the truth.

Robots Might Begin to Replace Attorneys

We all know there are certain jobs where robots will take over the reigns in the coming years. There are professions you think will be safe. Apparently attorneys don’t make the cut, at least in the eyes of some entrepreneurs.

Luckily, they’re going to stick around in the courtroom. A startup in Silicon Valley with over 10 million in venture capital does want to build a robot that can answer any legal question it’s asked.

Everyone Should Get Used to Algorithms

Better algorithms will be able to rewrite the law, which should make the world a safer place. It’s almost 100 percent likely this will happen, because we have more than enough technology to do it.

Algorithms will affect attorneys on a more personal level too. Do you know how they sometimes offer plea deals to suspects? Future deals will be based on computer predictions of the final verdicts.

Losing Jobs Thanks to Driverless Cars

Car accident attorneys earn money when clients are involved in car crashes. Some of them will even work for free, but if they win the case they’ll get a percentage of the total damages. It sounds pretty simple, right?

What is going to happen when driverless cars eventually take full control of the roads? Nobody is going to be involved in those kinds of accidents. Lots of attorneys will need to switch their attention to something else.

The IoT Will Eventually Help or Hinder You

An attorney sometimes needs to prove things in court, but they don’t need to when the Internet of Things does all the work. GPS data on a phone will show how fast it was going before it wrapped around a tree.

If someone is claiming they can’t walk their smartphone might be able to tell a different story. This is going to be the price we pay for living in a world where we’re connected 24 hours per day.

It’s Easy to See Big Changes Are Coming

The legal industry is finally about to be catapulted into the 21st century thanks to new advancements in technology. Attorneys should be fully aware of how it’s going to affect their profession.

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