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Many SAP Cloud Applications Studio developers know the struggle, that they want to access information of an SAP Business Object and can’t find them.

This could be an element, a node, a function (action) which is needed for solution development but it can’t be found and located in the repository explorer. A possible reason for that could be, that there is a Public Solution Model (PSM) release missing for that information. Even when you are sure that there is a missing PSM release, you end up with some missing information to get the release incident done quickly. For the incident you would like to provide all the needed information for SAP to get the PSM release done and with less as possible questions about a speculated name or position in the BO structure.


Deactivate PSM Check

To get an better understanding if you are right with the assumed name and position of the element you are searching for, you can deactivate the PSM check for an solution. This also brings you in the position to cross check the correct functionality before you create the incident.

import AP.PlatinumEngineering.Public;



This deactivation also brings you very interesting insides into the BO structures of SAP by using the repository explorer.


Activate PSM Check

Now of course you do not want to work permanently without the activated Public Solution Model, so there is also a way to turn the check back on.


import AP.PlatinumEngineering.Public;



I hope this will help you to find Business Object information easier and also to understand the structures a bit better.

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  1. Jürgen Ravnik

    Hello Tobias,

    first of all, thank you for that information! I have a few questions:

    • How is this code line “Solution.PSMTurnOff(“”);” used, does it need anything in the parameter or should it be an empty string (since the code completions says “Solution” as the parameters name)
    • Is it sufficient to add it to any absl-Script and activate it?
    • Is it needed to have the script be executed by a user?
    • Does the studio need a restart (or something alike) to have it working?

    Thank you and best regards,



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