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It’s wonderful when hospitals take advantage of new technology. More lives will be saved on a regular basis. Lots of Canadian and American hospitals are using the Internet of Things. It’s coming in extremely useful at the moment.

Do you have any idea how it’s revolutionizing the way they work? You should because it might be you lying in a hospital one day. Here are some of the tops ways the IoT is helping. It will be easy to introduce some of these into various industries.

1. Keeping Track Of Important Assets

If you look at a Canadian pharmacy online you’ll see it’s so advanced they’ll be able to track everything. Old hospitals don’t have the same capabilities, so things will end up going missing all the time.

Now the IoT will be able to keep track of medicine so it’s not stolen. Staff will be able to tell where every wheelchair and bed is 24 hours per day. Keeping track of assets will save lots of time and money.

2. Monitoring Temperature And Humidity

No, this isn’t to keep the patients comfortable. I’m sure they have systems in place to take care of that too. Inside a hospital, you want to monitor the temperature and humidity when you’re storing sensitive items.

Blood, tissue, vaccines, and many other things need to be kept in ideal conditions 24/7. IoT sensors will make it simple to do this. Staff will be alerted within seconds if there are any problems.

3. Babies Will Never Be Mixed Up Again

I’m sure you’ve read horror stories on the news about babies being mixed up at birth. Recently, this has upset a lot of Indigenous Canadians. The solution at the time was to ensure babies wore ankle bracelets.

Now it’s going to involve the IoT, which will also prevent babies from being snatched. Some hospitals want to tag mothers too. It will let everyone know where everyone is up until they’re healthy enough to leave.

4. Preventing Things Before They Happen

When a patient falls out of bed it’s easy to deal with them straight away. You just need pressure sensors capable of setting off an alarm. The Internet of Things will take it to the next level.

It will be able to monitor the movement of a patient to let nurses know before they fall. Even if it’s not always 100 percent accurate, it’s still going to prevent a large number of broken bones.

5. You Can Observe Patients Virtually

Hospitals try their hardest to keep a close eye on every patient, but most of them are understaffed. It means nurses and doctors can only go around speaking to patients at certain times of the day.

We now have technology that means patients will never be alone again. A nurse can be hooked up to a screen letting them watch multiple people. They’ll even be able to communicate with individuals when necessary.

It Could Help Anyone In Your Family

Maybe you won’t end up in the hospital for decades, but the IoT will help some of your family members. Everyone should be thankful for the technology available to us today. Our sick ancestors weren’t so lucky.

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