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Even if you are a good freelance writer, you need to look for new clients from time to time. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could make them come to you while you would be able to focus on your work?

A blog is one of the best ways to do so. It allows you to build a certain audience drawn to you because of the useful posts you write. At the same time it could serve as your portfolio – and actually look more impressive to the potential clients than a couple of articles posted elsewhere.

Moreover, a blog could help you find your first clients as well. If you are a beginner writer with no previous work experience in the niche, you surely can come up with a few portfolio pieces on your own. However, articles posted on your blog would look more impressive than a couple of posts shared in your portfolio only.

So if you want to use your blog to expand your client base or to build it from scratch, here’s what you need to focus on.

1. Your Content Needs to Provide Real Value

Of course, writing high-quality content is a must in general. But if you want to build a bigger audience and attract more clients, you need to make it not simply good but also valuable. Such posts aren’t simply rank higher in search engines – they also show your experience in the field and help you build authority. By writing them you’ll be able to prove yourself as an expert.

So if you do want to achieve this, focus on adding more tutorials and trend-related posts to your blog.

2. You Need to Create a «Hire Me» Page

Though you don’t need to name it exactly like that, you still need to craft a page allowing your potential clients to find out how they can contact you if they want to hire you. When creating it, think about things clients need to know about the writer they hire – for example, what’s your experience, what are the topics you can write about, and so on. Answer these questions on this page.

Moreover, such page could also become a tool to drawing off the clients that you wouldn’t work with – for example, those who have a very low budget or need someone to write about another niche that is unfamiliar to you.

3. Guest Posts Are a Good Idea

If you do want your blog to attract more readers and clients, you need to invest time and efforts into its promotion. Guest posts are one of the best tools for that: you don’t pay for them (usually) and could even earn money for writing them (sometimes), you publish them on different websites with different audiences, therefore having even more online publications written under your name. You also get more shares.

If you want to make the most out of such posts, work hard to create a good pitch template (but be sure to tailor it to every blogger you’ll be writing to) and invest into the quality of your posts. Keep in mind that the audience of a certain website is going to judge you basing on your one guest post only – so be sure to make this post impressive.

4. Share Testimonials from Your Previous Clients

Testimonials written by your previous clients increase your professional value – especially when the clients are good and well-known. Therefore, it would be convenient to share them on your blog as well if you plan on using this blog as your portfolio.

You can add them to the «Hire me» page or create a separate page for them (if there are too many of them).

And even if you hadn’t had any clients yet, you can still come up with something – for example, ask your friends to write some testimonials for you.

And, of course, once you create the blog and fill it with a couple of high-quality texts, you shouldn’t stop. Continue developing it and promoting it, and don’t forget to update regularly. If you create a strong content strategy and organize the whole process well, running your blog won’t harm your main job – you will be able to do it in your spare time and attract new clients while focusing on current projects.

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