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Author's profile photo Srivathsa Gunda Dixit

Scheduling Enhancements for Lumira 2.1

With Lumira 2.1 generally available from Dec 2017, there are various features delivered such as:

  • Scheduling Enhancements.
  • X509 based authentication support via Secure Login Client(SLC).
  • Linked Analysis.
  • Measure filter.
  • Business Warehouse (BW) Live connectivity in BI launchpad.
  • Branding changes.
  • Export to PDF enhancements.

This blog is intended to provide overview of the “Scheduling Enhancements” done for Lumira 2.1.

Scheduling is one of the day to day activities on BI platform and with older versions of Lumira scheduling was supported for offline/imported data sources such as Universe, SAP Business Warehouse and HANA.

With Lumira 2.1 following enhancements are done to address various user personas, especially for SAP BW world.

  • Support for Live Document scheduling as PDF.
  • PDF format support for Live and import scenarios.
  • Scheduling support for discovery stories and designer applications.
  • BW process chain event support for scheduling.
  • Support for “Schedule For” option in Central management console (CMC) to support impersonation.


NOTE: This is supported for Lumira documents on the BI platform which is based out of managed connections of type SSO or Pre-defined for HANA and BW live and import. Universes data sources are supported as well.

Support for Live Document scheduling as PDF:

Lumira supports creation of BW and HANA live documents starting from 2.0 version. Such documents when created using managed connections and published to BI platform, they can be scheduled now as PDF documents to various BI platform users.

in BI launchpad right click a Lumira LIVE document and select the schedule option:

In the schedule screen when you select the option FORMAT, list of stories created in the discovery will be presented and users can chose from the list.

Format is always a PDF for Live documents.


Fill all other sections by selecting the Recurrence, Destination – select the users (default, email or Inbox destinations), Events and then schedule the document.

in the History the PDF instance will be available once the schedule is successful:


PDF instance will be available in the selected destinations as well.



PDF format support for Live and import scenarios.

PDF format selected for the Live in the above case is also available for imported (offline) documents of Lumira as well. this means the Offline document will have 2 options Lumx and PDF for scheduling.


Scheduling support for discovery stories and designer applications.

The discovery stories created can be taken over to designer and then be enhanced into a designer application OR in a document started from the discovery, a new designer application can be added to enhance it further.

So effectively when the document contains discovery stories or the designer applications, one of them can be made as the default application in designer. So such document when scheduled, default application will be considered and corresponding options will be displayed in the schedule screen.


Setting the default application in Designer:

Lumira Discovery Application: discovery stories created in discovery applications.

Other Applications: created using the designer application.

NOTE: If Offline data sources created in the Discovery and used in the designer applications, schedule would not refresh at the time of scheduling as Designer applications can not refresh offline (imported) data sources. this is planned to be addressed in the near future.


Following pre-requisites need to be met to be able to schedule the Designer Applications:

Applications need to contain:

  • Technical component Export_PDF
  • Application properties
    • On scheduling event must contain script to generate PDF
    • Event Delay property must be specified for estimated time in seconds to render the application in headless browser running on server.
  • Details of PDF export can be configured in the technical component or in the event script






BW process chain event support for scheduling

Pre-requisites: BI Platform 4.2 SP05.

With BI platform version 4.2 SP05, we now have a tighter integration with SAP BW systems. Data load events in the BW systems can be used to schedule the documents on the BI platform.

BW events can be created on the BI platform and they can be used at the time of scheduling the Lumira document, which means whenever there is a data load on the BW system, the Lumira document gets scheduled and latest data would reach the intended recepients in the PDF format.

For more details on the BW Process chain events and support in BI Platfrom refer to:


Such event can be selected at the time of scheduling:



Support for “Schedule For” option in Central Management Console (CMC) 

If the administrator wants to schedule a document to different users by respecting the data authorizations they have on the data source, “Schedule For” option can be used from the Central Management Console of the BI platform. With this the administrators or users can schedule ob behalf of other users or himself. the recipients will become the owners of the instance and the data in the scheduled instance will be as per the authorizations they have on the data source.


Remaining options remain same as that of scheduling from Launchpad.

single sign on on the data source would be essential and should be configured on the BI platform to achieve Impersonation when scheduled.


Thank You!




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      Author's profile photo RENE Hvidberg
      RENE Hvidberg

      Hi Srivathsa

      I am trying to schdule a LUMX document - offline contect, but modified in the designer

      In 2.0 I had the possiblity to schdule a content refresh (open doc and &sInstance=Last)

      Is there currently any possibility to schedule a refresh og the offline content in 2.1 - or is the only option to open the discovery app, refresh the data and then save ?? So a manual process






      Author's profile photo Srivathsa Gunda Dixit
      Srivathsa Gunda Dixit
      Blog Post Author

      HI RENE,


      Right now its a manual process.  we are working on improving this area for 2.2. you might need to wait.



      Srivathsa Dixit

      Author's profile photo ahsan siddiqui
      ahsan siddiqui

      What about this? its been very long, Have you provided the functionality for scheduling LUMX document?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      So far I can not see option to schedule content refresh in 2.1 discovery Import mode. I have to do this manually everytime.

      Author's profile photo Eriksson Björn
      Eriksson Björn

      Hi Srivathsa

      Thanks for the detailed approach, regarding Schedule a LumiraDesigner in BI Launchpad.

      The problem im having, is that the Schedule fails in BI Launchpad. The error text is"Object failed to run due to an error while processing on the Job Server".

      The Lumiraaddon is installed on the BOserver.


      Have you experienced this issue?




      Author's profile photo ken raj
      ken raj

      Hi Srivathsa,


      We also facing same issue as Björn. Any solution for this? We already raise OSS message but no feedback on the issue.




      Author's profile photo Caj Skullman
      Caj Skullman

      Hello Forum.

      I have Lumira 2.2 and I have a scenario where I can successfully Schedule a LumiraDesigner in BI Launchpad.

      I also got the error ”Object failed to run due to an error while processing on the Job Server” at first.

      The App and the underlying datasource was first created in Lumira Discovery and then "taken over to designer and then be enhanced into a designer application".

      As said above the data source in designer is then an "offline Data Source".

      To make this refreshable  and schedulable in BI Launchpad you have to do a few things.

      Import Technical Component DOCUMENT with property event OnDatasetrefresh: DS_1.reloadData();

      And property on the Application:

      OnScheduling: DOCUMENT.startDatasetRefresh(); DS_1.reloadData();


      You might also want to set .reloadData and startDatasetRefresh on the OnStartup event.

      In my case I have this: OnStartup: START_FUNCTIONS.on_startup();
      if (DS_1.isInitialized() != true)

      Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

      Caj Skullman

      Catigo Analytics