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If you want to know about the latest and greatest features from SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, then you are at the right place. This blog is a one-stop source to find all the information you require, as a developer.

Here, you will learn everything about SAP Cloud Platform Workflow and find answers to your questions like – why do I need this feature, when should I use it, how should this be used, what are the best practices, what are the common pitfalls to be avoided, etc.

Please note that this is complementary to the product documentation and sole purpose of this developer center is to keep the SAP CP Workflow community updated with the monthly product enhancements and to provide information on commonly used product features.

If you are trying SAP Cloud Platform Workflow for the first time, then head over to ‘getting-started‘ blogs to an SAP Cloud Platform trial account and build a simple ‘Hello World’ workflow:

Getting started with the Workflow service in the free Trial account

Getting started with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – How to build a simple approval UI

All said this blog will cover (over a period of time) various aspects of the product like Workflow Modelling, SAPUI5 application development specifically for SAP CP Workflow, Operation & Monitoring of Workflow, workflow APIs, Roles & Authorizations etc.

Workflow Modelling & Development

Helps you to model a workflow using the web-based editor

General How to model workflows using SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version (YouTube)
Tutorial Getting started with SAP Cloud Platform Workflows
Service Task What are the connectivity options available with SAP CP Workflow
How to consume an OData Service from a Service Task
How to consume an RFC from SAP CP Workflow
How to expose an OData service in the backend and consume it in theSAP CP Workflow
User Task

How to configure user task and take full advantage of all the available features

Assigning Users to task – Understand permissions, authorizations, and the Identity Provider configuration

Assigning user groups as task recipients

SAPUI5 Application Development

Helps you to create custom SAPUI5 applications which can be used in the Workflow’s human tasks.

Task UI Development Understanding Custom UI Integration with SAP CP Workflow
Build your Custom HTML5 application in SAP WebIDE for Workflow
Using Custom SAPUI5 application for User Task in SAP CP Workflow
Working with Task APIs in your Custom HTML5 application
Start Workflow from your HTML5 application
Calling external service in Task UI of SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

Integration Scenarios

Helps you to understand the various integrations scenarios possible with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow.

SAP SuccessFactors

Solution Blueprint to automate employee onboarding process in SAP SuccessFactors using SAP Cloud Platform Workflow

Extend SuccessFactors with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – Part 1

Extend SuccessFactors with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – Part 2

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow sample application to extend SAP SuccessFactors onboarding use case

Source code in Github for the integration scenario

SAP Jam Enable Collaboration and Document Management in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow using SAP Jam
Sample Application for Collaboration in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow with SAP Jam [New]



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  1. Former Member

    Do you know if there are any SCP Wf Admin tools available?  Thinking about things like reassigning a task to a new Agent, correcting Context data before restarting the wf?

    I like what I see on SCP Wf but to use it in a production environment we do need admin tools.

    Regards .. Andy

    1. Seshadri Sreenivas R Post author

      Yes, we do have the admin tools for SAP CP Workflow. Through the admin tools, you can assign reassign users to tasks, suspend/resume/terminate the workflow instance, retry workflows which are in an error state, etc. But to do that one would need WorkflowAdmin role assigned to him/her. Refer to the help document for more information on that:


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