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Author's profile photo Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Developer Center

If you want to know about the latest and greatest features from SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, then you are at the right place. This blog is a one-stop source to find all the information you require, as a developer.

Here, you will learn everything about SAP Cloud Platform Workflow and find answers to your questions like – why do I need this feature, when should I use it, how should this be used, what are the best practices, what are the common pitfalls to be avoided, etc.

Please note that this is complementary to the product documentation and the sole purpose of this developer center is to keep the SAP CP Workflow community updated with the monthly product enhancements and to provide information on commonly used product features.

If you are trying the SAP Cloud Platform Workflow for the first time, then head over to ‘getting-started‘ blogs to an SAP Cloud Platform trial account and build a simple ‘Hello World’ workflow:

Getting started with the Workflow service in the free trial account

Getting started with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – How to build a simple approval UI

All said this blog will cover various aspects of the product like Workflow Modelling, SAPUI5 application development specifically for SAP CP Workflow, Operation & Monitoring of Workflow, workflow APIs, Roles & Authorizations, etc.

Workflow Modelling & Development

Helps you to model a workflow using the web-based editor

Introduction Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Workflow  (Podcast by Christian Loos)
SAP CodeTalk – SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Service  (YouTube)
Discovering SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, an exhaustive 10-part blog series by DJ Adams
Quick Start Guide to SAP Cloud Platform Workflow by Mike Doyle
SAP Cloud Platform Workflow in Neo and Cloud Foundry environment
Tutorials / Self-Learning SAP Cloud Platform Academy (YouTube Playlist)
Getting started with SAP Cloud Platform Workflows
Integrate an External Service into a Workflow
SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Sample Application in Cloud Foundry
Service Task What are the connectivity options available with SAP CP Workflow
How to consume an OData Service from a Service Task
How to consume an RFC from SAP CP Workflow
How to expose an OData service in the backend and consume it in the SAP CP Workflow
User Task How to configure user task and take full advantage of all the available features
Assigning Users to the task – Understand permissions, authorizations, and the Identity Provider configuration
Assigning user groups as task recipients

SAPUI5 Application Development

It helps you to create custom SAPUI5 applications that can be used in the Workflow’s human tasks.

Task UI Development Understanding Custom UI Integration with SAP CP Workflow
Build your Custom HTML5 application in SAP WebIDE for Workflow
Using Custom SAPUI5 application for User Task in SAP CP Workflow
Working with Task APIs in your Custom HTML5 application
Start Workflow from your HTML5 application
Calling external service in Task UI of SAP Cloud Platform Workflow
Build Fiori form-based UI for a workflow user task

Integration Scenarios

It helps you to understand the various integrations scenarios possible with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow.

SAP SuccessFactors Solution Blueprint: Automate employee on-boarding process in SAP SuccessFactors using SAP Cloud Platform Workflow
Extend SuccessFactors with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – Part 1
Extend SuccessFactors with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – Part 2
SAP Cloud Platform Workflow sample application to extend SAP SuccessFactors onboarding use case
Source code in Github for the integration scenario
Employee Offboarding extension using SAP Intelligent BPM and DocuSign by Sudip Ghosh [New]
SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution Blueprint: Automate the Business Partner Creation Process Using SAP Cloud Platform Workflow and Business Rules
Add an Approval Workflow to your Custom Business Coding in SAP S/4HANA Cloud
SAP S/4HANA Cloud side-by-side Extensibility: Supplier bank account update scenario
SAP Cloud Platform Document Service Handle attachments in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow
SAP Conversational AI [New] Digital assistance (chatbot) for SAP Intelligent BPM [New]
SAP Intelligent RPA [New] How to integrate SAP Intelligent RPA and SAP Cloud Platform Workflow[New]
One Inbox for S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Tasks SAP Cloud Platform Workflow tasks in an on-premise My Inbox
SAP Jam Solution Blueprint: Automate the Document Review Process with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow and SAP Jam Collaboration
Enable Collaboration and Document Management in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow using SAP Jam
Sample Application for Collaboration in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow with SAP Jam 
Audit Document Review Process (in SAP API Business Hub)
SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment  Create a Workflow in SAP Cloud Platform from ABAP Environment (aka. steampunk) by Rich Heilman
SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Intelligent Product Design  Using SAP Cloud Platform Workflow in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Intelligent Product Design

Community Blogs

This section will have a list of exciting blogs by the SAP Cloud Platform Workflow community.

Workflow notification,  administration, tips & tricks SMS notification of workflow user task and approve/reject directly from SMS by Nabheet Madan
Workflow Approval from an email by Nabheet Madan
Workflow notifications (user task or state change) in Slack by Domi Bigl
Workflow administration using the function as a service and Twilio by Nabheet Madan
Create a workflow from Google Assistant chatbot by Nabheet Madan
SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Tips & Tricks by Mike Doyle



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      Author's profile photo Backbone Team
      Backbone Team

      Do you know if there are any SCP Wf Admin tools available?  Thinking about things like reassigning a task to a new Agent, correcting Context data before restarting the wf?

      I like what I see on SCP Wf but to use it in a production environment we do need admin tools.

      Regards .. Andy

      Author's profile photo Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan
      Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, we do have the admin tools for SAP CP Workflow. Through the admin tools, you can assign reassign users to tasks, suspend/resume/terminate the workflow instance, retry workflows which are in an error state, etc. But to do that one would need WorkflowAdmin role assigned to him/her. Refer to the help document for more information on that:

      Author's profile photo Prasad Peketi
      Prasad Peketi

      Hi Sreenivas,

      What is the recommended approach for Cloud WF Context persistence (1.HANA DB or 2.On Premise ECC and access on Premise ECC Persistence Data thru Cloud connector)

      We have HANA DB and also On Premise ECC.

      Best regards,





      Author's profile photo Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan
      Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Prasad,

      The SAP Cloud Platform Workflow has its own context persistence. Anything which is available at the start of a workflow instance, context available as the response of a service task, context enhanced in a script task or the context updated from task UI are persistedin the form of JSON objects. So, you don't have to perform any special handling. The recommendation is to only persist data that is required by the workflow. For transient data (which are only displayed in task UI), you need not persist in the workflow context but access it via respective API when required.

      Hope that answers your query.


      Seshadri Sreenivas

      Author's profile photo Michael Koch
      Michael Koch

      Hi there,

      this blog post is a really good central resource for most things SCP Workflow. Thanks for curating it.

      Do you know if there is a comparison of current and planned features of the SAP BPM (PO) and SCP Workflow environments?

      Any pointers are welcome.



      Author's profile photo Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan
      Seshadri Sreenivas Ramanarayanan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Michael,

      You can refer to the product roadmaps for the planned features of both the offerings. Please keep in mind that both these products are targeting different use cases and it would not make sense to compare them feature-by-feature.