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Have you ever watched the TV show, Person of Interest? A billionaire attempts to build a machine capable of predicting terrorist attacks, but it turns out to be more valuable. It’s capable of using big data to predict much smaller events.

We’ll definitely be able to predict car accidents in a few years. Unless you can see into the future it’s impossible to know exactly when they’ll take place, but death and injury figures will drop. Let’s look at what could be possible in the next decade.

1. Businesses Could Stop Employees From Driving

Businesses lose lots of money when employees are involved in accidents. What if they could stop them from getting behind the wheel? We all know a lack of sleep will increase the chances of a car accident.

It’s easy to know how long employees have slept the night before. They’re awake when posting on social media. You can’t buy drinks in a bar when you’re sleeping. In theory, software could warn a business not to let someone behind the wheel.

2. Reminding Drivers To Follow The Rules

There are specific roads drivers will always text on. They’re usually fairly straight and there isn’t much traffic around. Big data will know when people are texting while driving, plus it will know the locations thanks to GPS.

When we have enough data saved up signposts can be erected in those areas. They will remind people to avoid texting because it’s against the law. Some smart drivers will listen and it’s guaranteed to save a few lives.

3. Ambulances Can Respond Quicker Than Before

The Law Office of Kevin P. Justen recently talked about how ambulances could reach people quicker. More lives would be saved, but if paramedics arrive on scene quicker it will reduce the severity of some injuries too.

You could merge all the car crash reports together and look for trends. For example, specific locations and weather conditions. Hospitals will be warned well in advance before any accidents take place.

4. Police Will Know Where To Sit And Wait

An ambulance can’t sit in the same spot for hours, but a police car can. It could get the same data as hospitals and choose where to lie in wait. Even though they do this already their position will be more accurate.

It will act as a huge deterrent when cars are driving past. Drivers will slow down when they see the police, so accidents will suddenly drop. Dangerous and drunk drivers will also be arrested in record speed.

5. Big Data Can Predict A Medical Emergency

Did you know big data can predict heart attacks 4 hours before a doctor? The study was obviously conducted inside a hospital, but part of the reason it could make the predictions was because of things like vital signs.

If you have a heart attack while behind the wheel you’re going to crash. Would you avoid driving if an app was telling you an attack was imminent? Even if you were already driving you could easily pull over.

You’ll Feel Safer Behind The Wheel

You don’t even need to do anything because big data will do it for you. Accidents will start dropping and you’ll feel safer when you get behind the wheel. It’s nice to know there is less chance of a stranger crashing into you.

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