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Good Start in year 2018 with many S/4HANA go-lives in Turkey. Share yours :)

I am personally involved one of the largest S/4HANA 1610 project in Turkey. Project is being implemented for TAT Gıda (Diary products and Food producer including cold-chain) and Düzey Pazarlama (One of the largest Distributor in Turkey, distributing all TAT brands including Pringles, Nutella, Kinder brands).

This project is important because, gATP, eWM and TM gone live at the same time. This project also important for me because we have gone live TM 9.4.

This project is the small part of the Turkey’s S/4HANA go-live inventory. There are more:

Osmangazi Elektrik Elektrik S/4HANA 1709 – Electricity

Assan Hanil S/4HANA 1610 – Automotive

Hisar Çelik S/4HANA 1610 – Manufacturing – Integrated Laundry systems

Torun S/4HANA 1610 – Manufacturing – hot forged & machined brass items

Mitaş S/4HANA 1610 – Manufacturing – Electricity products.

IGA – S/4HANA 1610 –  Istanbul’s 3rd and biggest Ariport.

MATA Auto – S/4HANA 1610 – Tier one supplier of automotive interior decorative components.



These projects are very much important for me personally, to spread S/4HANA coverage in 2018 and beyond. Please share yours.





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  • Have you gone live yet or are you still in process?   What kind of issues did you run into?   What version of SAP did you upgrade from?

    eWM is one of my personal favorites that I'm hoping I'll get to play with.

    Excellent blog!


    • Many Thanks Former Member for your good words. My project was a greenfield one. Main issues came from master data and user faults ( we seen more training should be delivered before going live). Thanks God, delivering intensive support in first 5 days saved the project, everything settled down. We are turning back to regular daily life.

      eWM is good and embedded, however eWM acting like separate system, like using embedded BW. We have faced queue issues, but fixed.



      • Thank you for the update.   Yes, I think that's the problem I've run into on upgrades and implementations: TRAINING.   It's a hard balance they have their normal jobs to do as well.   And when do you train?  Too early and they forget it.   Too late and...   The high level of support is needed.   I'm glad you were able overcome those issues.


      • And Greenfield!   You had to have even more challenges working on a "new" implementation.    Impressive.   eWM a separate system.   That sounds strange.   But that's the fun with working our jobs!   We get those interesting challenges.

        Sorry as usually it didn't let me update my comment.   So you get an extra one from me!

        • Hey Michelle,

          And Greenfield!   You had to have even more challenges working on a “new” implementation.

          I would think greenfield is the easier way: start of fresh and new, with no legacy burdes...
          Ho do others view that?

          (Not sure there are many - if any - succesfull brownfiled GolIves with S/4HANA yet!?)




          • Hi Joachim,

            Totally agree with you, greenfield is the first option for S/4HANA projects. Converting existing SAP ERP will cost too much resource and will not pay it back if we compare it with greenfield.

          • Hi Joachim,

            My mind just thinks differently I guess.  I'm not surprised.  Here's my reasoning.   And yes, perhaps more companies are going greenfield.   We are.

            Viewed as a new installation.   With all the fun installation issues.  Purely a technical standpoint.

            • Getting all the data needed over to the system.   We may decide it isn't needed, and later find out it was.
            • Changes will be needed to SAP forms to reflect your company way of doing things.
            • Companies that have really customized SAP will have to add the changes back in - if still needed.
            • Upfront analysis will be more intense
            • The last minute struggle with things that users have to have that they have forgotten about
            • All configuration must be done again.
            • Security Roles have to be added
            • Most connections with outside will have to be fixed all at once
            • I don't think - correct me if I'm wrong.   That there will be anything like SPAU/SPAD to let you know the difference when the system is updated.


            • Less "bad" data is moved - probably.
            •  Data will get fixed all at once if there are error
            • New analysis.   Possibly moving closer to a vanilla system.which will make less work on the customization changes.
            • No unicode conversion - if one is needed.
            • Security is done again in the new system.   It is corrected if needed, and new authorizations are added so it doesn't drag out for a long time.

            Basically I think it's a bit harder to implement, but will make for a better system once all the issues are ironed out.

            Again that's just my strange thinking.    Not my companies thoughts.   BTW - we haven't moved to HANA yet.   I'll have a better understanding when we've done it.


            There are a lot of blogs on deciding the right path.

            Here's a few:

            How to decide between Greenfield and Brownfield

            How to decide between a Greenfield and Brownfield S/4 Hana trasition

            S/4 Hana Greenfield question

            Lessons learned in SAP Hana Greenfield Implementation

            Planning for S/4 Hana 1511 and beyond: Greenfield vs. Conversion

            And the list goes on....

  • Hey Sarhan,

    thanks for sharing, an great for you that you can work on this interesting projects!

    Are you really involved in all of them?



    • No 🙂 I have only involved TAT Gıda and Düzey S/4HANA project. However sharing the same market unit community with other colleagues I am in touch with all of them.

        • I am still collecting experiences, and I am planning to share them in an other blog, however I would like to show S/4HANA is being implemented and gone-live with different industries in Turkey. My goal is to encourage nearby regions about moving to S/4HANA.