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Technology comes on leaps and bounds every single year. When you run a business your customers keep expecting more and more. You need to do everything you can to stay ahead of the competition. That means jumping on design trends while they’re hot.

You need to think carefully about your website right now. What little changes can you make that will help you progress? We’re going to look at a few big trends you should jump on. Implement these straight away and you’ll see great results.

1. You Need To Include Interactive Content

Anyone involved in web design realizes pages can’t be static any more. You don’t need to have interactive content scattered around the site, but it should definitely be on your homepage at the very least.

If you’re getting started the best option is interactive quizzes. Not only do visitors find them enjoyable, but your subscriber count will skyrocket. Do everything you can to collect more email addresses.

2. Mobile Sites Will Always Be Number One

After years of waiting mobile sites have finally taken over. If people are looking at your website it will likely be on a smartphone. When they buy something they’ll be doing it while away from their laptop.

That means when you’re designing a website mobile has to come before anything else. You might be forced into redesigning your entire site. Don’t worry if it’s necessary because your profits will shoot up faster.

3. Profession Photos Are An Absolute Must

You can’t get away with cheap photos any more. There are far too many people who can shoot professional photos with a smartphone. When you look at some websites they’re beautiful enough to take your breath away.

When people visit your site they’ll expect to see photos of a similar nature. Even if they’re not world class, they must look great. Computer screens keep improving and everyone will notice little details.

4. The Colors Are Becoming A Lot Bolder

Web designers have always treated colors the same way they treated fonts. They stuck with anything that was web-safe because we didn’t have the technology to take chances, but a whole new world has opened up.

You’ll see vibrant shades and supersaturation unlike anything websites have ever seen. It’s visible on a lot of large sites now. Eventually you’ll see small businesses with impressive color schemes.

5. It’s Now Impossible To Ignore Videos

You used to have a choice when it came to creating content. If you didn’t want to show your face on screen you could produce written content. In fact, there is no reason why you should stop writing content for your site.

It’s just a bad idea to ignore video these days, even if the thought of creating content scares you. It’s taking over the internet at high speed, so you need it on your website and social media platforms.

Focus On Those You’re Missing Right Now

If you aren’t using any of these trends at the moment you should start soon. Don’t wait until we get further into the year. They will have an immediate impact on your bottom line and you’ll want to maximize your profits.

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