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Hi All,

I am a newbie to SAP-HANA world and was recently exploring different types of CDS Views (particularly CDS Views with Input Parameters).

Though CDS Views with Input Parameters were introduced quite a long time back but I could not find a way to make some of the input parameters as Optional. So I played around with some annotations and found out a way to accomplish the same.

I did that with the help of annotation

@Environment.systemField: #USER

I used the above annotation in my CDS View along with parameters in the following way:

  @AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: 'Z_CDS_OP'
  @AbapCatalog.compiler.compareFilter: true
  @AccessControl.authorizationCheck: #CHECK
  @EndUserText.label: 'Material Query'
  define view ZCDS_OP
    with parameters
      @Environment.systemField: #CLIENT
      p1 : mandt,
      @Environment.systemField: #USER
      p2 : uname,
      p3 : aenam  
    as select from mara as ar
    :p1    as Client,
    :p2    as Name,
    aenam  as Created_By,
    matnr  as Material
        ar.mandt = :p1
    and ar.aenam = :p3; 

Here the parameter p2 is defined for the sy-uname value, but it functions as an optional parameter at run-time.

If no value is passed for p2 parameter, the system defaults it to the sy-uname value.

Note that there is no asterisk (*) over p2 field. Below is the output of this query:

In this case my username is ‘FUNCTIONAL’ and is displayed in column ‘Name’.


Now I pass the value to the optional parameter:

Now, the p2 parameter value gets used and I get the following result:


This CDS view can also be consumed in an ABAP Program like the following:

    "Select Data from CDS view without optional parameter
    SELECT Client, Name, Created_By, Material
    FROM zcds_op( p3 = 'FUNCTIONAL' )
    INTO TABLE @DATA(li_mara).


    "Select Data from CDS view with optional parameter
    SELECT Client, Name, Created_By, Material
    FROM zcds_op( p2 = 'DEEPAK', p3 = 'FUNCTIONAL' )
    INTO TABLE @DATA(li_mara).

Both the code snippets work perfectly fine and generate the desired results.

So in this way I made a parameter optional in a CDS View.

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  1. Joachim Rees

    This made me read about the help (F1 in AdT) about @Environment.systemField: #USER  an thus learn a little bit more.

    Also, interesting to see that parameters can be used in the fields-list as well – I initially thought of them as only being useful for the where-clause.



  2. madhu vari

    from your blog it is known that only system fields can make optional , what about if the fields are not system fields like Material(MATNR), sales document (VBELN).

    1. Timothy Hughes

      Tough luck… and the others are not optional either, they just have default values…which can also be done with @consumption.derivation (a few options).

      Interestingly enough, do NOT try to perform an ASSOCIATION to a CDS view with Parameters (defaulted or not) — doesn’t work.

      Reuse, who needs it….

      1. Sebastian Freilinger-Huber

        Hi Timothy,

        you are correct about input parameters in associations.

        Just in case you really need this feature in the context of an OData Service based on your top level CDS View:

        We managed to get it working by adjusting IO_QUERY_OPTIONS in the IF_SADL_GW_QUERY_CONTROL~SET_QUERY_OPTIONS method for the concrete Entity Set (depending on IV_ENTITY_SET).

        To be honest, this is probably not really a SAP Best Practice (and it is depending on hard coded input parameter names, which you have to place into your ABAP Code), but it is at least a possibility to deal with it.

        Best regards,





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