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Every year there are a rash of articles written about what will happen in the year to come. Of course, none of us know with absolute certainty what is about to take place. The best that we can do is prepare ourselves for all eventualities. However, there are some trends in the world of technology and business that have started fairly recently and yet appear likely to continue into 2018 and beyond.

Holographic Workplaces

The idea sounds incredibly futuristic, but it is probably not all that far into the future in reality says Remote workers already make up an increasing share of the American and international economy. In the not so distant future, the concept of being a remote worker or working from home may not even be terms we use anymore. This is because technology-drive three dimension workplaces could very well become a reality.


People may collaborate with one another via their holograms, and may transfer their image and likeness to wherever they need to be. It is something that is just now getting started, but keep an eye out for it in the future.

Storing Data In The Cloud

The only thing we used to have to worry about relating to clouds was if they would open up and dump rain upon us. This is no longer the only way that people refer to clouds. Now, they are a piece of the technological landscape that we all live and work with as well.


2018 is very likely to produce more dependence upon the cloud for storage of everything from sensitive work documents to personal files. People are bound to become more familiar with the cloud as a concept, and the use of the cloud will take on even more important meanings than it already does.

Collaboration Increases Among Workers

Are there going to be increases in collaboration in the workplace in 2018? You can count on it. Workplaces are emphasizing this as their means of getting more productivity out of their team. Collaboration is also a great way to build morale. In some cases, it is even a fun way for employees to share information with one another in an informal and social atmosphere. Another clear example is Social Trading and related platforms.


This social stock market game brings together the most fun aspect of trading in the stock market and socializing with friends at the same time, as well explained on InvestinGoal. Let’s admit, part of the lore of Wall Street has always been in the social chatter that goes around anyway. These platforms brings those concepts together in a way that the world has never seen before.

Gamification As A Motivational Tool

Human beings have a few core instincts that they will always turn to when it all boils down to it. One of our instincts is to seek out challenges and to be competitive with one another. The stakes do not have to be high to make playing a game enjoyable at all. In fact, sometimes a game needs only to have bragging rights on the line to make it worthwhile to someone.

The Robots Are Here

No article on transformative technologies in the workplace would be complete without a mention of how automation is in fact expected to change the workplace at least to some extent. It is a simple truth that some people are bound to lose jobs as a result of increased automation. At the same time, others will find new work maintaining, building, and servicing the new technologies. It is a changing world without a doubt, but it is not something that we necessarily have to be fearful of.

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