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I am proud to announce that beginning with SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 02, HANA dynamic tiering is now supported on Amazon AWS.  Amazon recently engaged in a close partnership with SAP to validate dynamic tiering in their cloud.  They installed dynamic tiering in a “dedicated host” configuration (HANA and dynamic tiering running on separate virtual machines), and executed a battery of tests involving data loads, queries, backups, and administration and monitoring operations to ensure complete functional correctness of a HANA dynamic tiering on AWS.  In addition, Amazon followed the dynamic tiering sizing guidelines, and measured storage and network throughput to ensure that AWS could deliver a properly performing system in the cloud.

Support of HANA dynamic tiering on AWS now gives our HANA dynamic tiering customers additional flexibility with a popular cloud deployment option.

See this SAP Note with details on the validation process, and an official recognition of Amazon AWS as a supported platform for HANA dynamic tiering:


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  1. Nicholas Chang

    Hi Courtney,


    What’s the status now as note 2555629 is not publicly published and the note seems confusing:

    2580298 – Is Dynamic Tiering 2.0 SP1 supported for Production usage in AWS – HAN-DYT



    Nicholas Chang


  2. Former Member

    Hi  Courtney,

    I should price Dynamic Tiering on AWS and I have some dubs regarding the kind of storage to be used. As per os note 2555629, a storage must be able to provide 50-100 MB / sec / core of I/O throughput to the SAP HANA dynamic tiering server.

    Which kind of AWS storage (gp2, io1, st1) has been used for root volume, /usr/sap/volume and Dynamic tiering data & log volume?

    which kind of storage has been used for Dynamic Tiering validation on AWS and Is there an example /use case of Dynamic Tiering configuration on AWS?

    thanks in advance,


  3. Courtney Claussen Post author

    From Amazon:

    Our EBS gp2 and io1 volume types can be used (both are SSD volumes) and will provide the required throughput.

     For gp2 specifically, we will need to stripe multiple volumes to get more throughput…however this is no different than what we do for our certified HANA systems today.

     See the link and table below from our EBS documentation site for more info and reference

    To also make it more clear, we have built a sizing table (in the DT blog on AWS) to help customers map Core to Storage throughput.

    For example, a DT small system might be configured with 4 cores. We would take the 4 cores * 50 MBs = 200 MB/s. This 200 MB/s can be achieved with 2 gp2 volumes or 1 io1 volume.


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