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A New Solution for Project Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Using the Project Information Network (PIN) for CAPX and OPEX projects in the Oil & Gas industry will provide a collaboration platform for owner operators, suppliers, and contractors of any company, and will transform the way projects are executed.
SAP’s latest technologies (e.g. HANA and HCP) supported by solutions,  such as  
Asset Intelligence Network (AIN), LeonardoAriba NetworkFieldglass,  Visual Enterprise and S/4HANA, will drive a major revolutionary approach and will transform how companies join forces in COPX and OPEX projects. Overall, with PIN, SAP will facilitate digitalization and industrialization of construction and maintenance processes.

This PIN solution will provide an environment for information exchange, structured and unstructured contents, and enable processes across companies for the delivery of construction and/or maintenance projects.  Additional to the information exchange, the network will facilitate the management of the asset/facility information creation of the Digital Twin for the assets.   The project information during the design and build phase will allow a smooth transition into the operation and maintenance phase.  Additionally, the solution will provide capabilities to accomplish detailed tasks and deliverables management across companies.



Further recommended internal links to PIN JAM site are the following:

Project Information Network


For further questions you can contact Hisham Gouda from the IBU Oil & Gas.

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