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SAP Inside Tracks by City and Year using Lumira @SAPInsideTrack

Earlier this week I wrote SAP Inside Tracks by Country.  Little did I know it is far more interesting to look at it by city.  I also missed an Inside Track in my previous post: Berlin – apologies to Oliver Kohl – he also streamed Inside Track Berlin, parts of which I watched online live.


First, from the previous post, I used the “interoperability” from Discovery to Designer and learned this:

So I couldn’t execute locally in Designer, something I am so used to.


So I uploaded to the BI Platform

Because I wanted to see it on SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, I assign a mobile category on the BI Platform

Above shows how it looks like on the “Fiori-fied” BI Platform

Here is how Europe looked

On Mobile iOS:

I really like the crisp views of Lumira Designer 2.1 on the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile software; thanks to Vivek Das and team.


Inside Track by City – Lumira Desktop 1.31.9

Now I struggled to find Bogota, Colombia with Lumira but fortunately it suggested Bogota, DC

Above shows Lumira Inside Track by City (including Berlin) using 1.31.9

Lumira Discovery 2.1


What I liked about Lumira Discovery is the marker feature on the maps.  You can see that SAP Inside Tracks in Eastern Australia are covered well.

Customized Maps Lumira 2.1

A nice new feature is using customized baseline maps in Lumira Discovery 2.1


Once you create a geographic hierarchy on cities Lumira also looks at regions/sub regions.  Above is using a Stamen baseline map.  You can see that New South Wales had 3 SAP Inside Tracks last year (in Sydney)

It’s a geography lesson for me, learning that Hannover is in Lower Saxony

Because Lumira couldn’t find Ballerup on the map, I changed it to the closest city, Copenhagen.


How does it compare to previous years?

See this video by year:


In 2016 Australia had 3, in 2017 they had 6

Here’s the raw data

Country 2015 2016 2017
Brazil 3 6 5
Australia 2 3 6
Germany 4 3 6
India 2 3 2
Mexico 1 2 1
Turkey 2 2
United States 2 2 2
Belgium 1 1
Canada 1 1
Jamaica 1 1
Japan 1 1 2
Netherlands 1 1 1
Peru 1
Poland 1 1 1
Switzerland 1 1
United Kingdom 1 1
Denmark 2
Argentina 1
Colombia 1
France 1
Spain 1
Italy 1
Malaysia 1

View by Country by year:

I don’t like this line graph; I find it hard to read


Reading Stephanie Evergreen’s visualization book, she is not a fan of area charts, but I think it depicts the data better than the line chart.


I resorted to Excel as I wanted to show the years on the X-axis:

You can see trends for Europe and APJ on the upswing.  North America in 2017 didn’t have as many SAP Inside Tracks in Mexico or the Caribbean.  I still maintain that North America will be lower due to the active 38 ASUG Chapters spanning the United States and Canada.

Raw data by region:

Region 2015 2016 2017
Europe 8 8 14
APJ 6 9 12
South America 3 7 7
North America 4 6 4

In working on this I reflected how in 2015 I helped John Astill with SAP Inside Track Washington DC, in 2016 I presented at SAP Inside Track Mississauga thanks to William Laverde and 2017 I presented virtually at SAP Inside Track Bangalore.




SAP Inside Track Wiki

You can learn more here:


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