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Enable and troubleshoot Monitor material coverage, Material factsheet, Manage external requirements, Manage Internal requirements apps

This blog will help you in enabling and troubleshooting the below apps in S/4 HANA 1610 FPS01

  1. Monitor material coverage
  2. Monitor external requirements
  3. Manage external requirements
  4. Monitor internal requirements
  5. Manage internal requirements

Monitor material coverage, Monitor external requirements, Monitor internal requirements, Manage internal requirements,Manage external requirements, Material Factsheet

Steps to enable

  • Ensure the software component UIS4HOP1 200 – SP 0001 is installed.
  • Ensure the backend component S4CORE 101 – SP 0001 is installed.
  • Enable the below SICF services
    • PP_MATSHOR_MRS1 (this is for Monitor material coverage)
    • PP_MRP_REUSES1 * (this is for all apps in the heading above)
    • PP_UNCOVPR_MRS1 (this is for Monitor internal requirements, Manage internal requirements)
    • PP_UNCOVPR_DTS1 (this is for manage internal requirements)
    • PP_UNCOVSO_DTS1 (this is for manage external requirements)
    • PP_UNCOVSO_MRS1 * (this is for monitor external requirements, manage external requirements)
    • MD_PROD_MOPC_S1 (this is for material factsheet)
  • Enable the below ODATA services
    • MD_PRODUCT_FS_SRV (this is for material factsheet)
  • Assign the business roles SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR and SAP_BR_MATL_PLNR_EXT_PROC to
    • the business group SAP_SCM_BCG_MATL_PRODN_PLNG
  • Assign the respective users to the business role SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR and SAP_BR_MATL_PLNR_EXT_PROC


Issue 1:

  1. Go to Monitor internal requirements app
  2. Choose one of the components from the list displayed in the app
  3. Click on Manage components button in the bottom right corner
  4. This will open “Manage Internal requirements” app.
  5. Click on Start MRP Run button in the bottom right corner of Manage Internal Requirements app
  6. It will show MRP Run completed.

Now, click on to the refresh button which is in the master list next to the search box. It will throw an error “Http request failed”. When you click on the ok button in the pop up, it will display “No items are currently available” in the detail screen.

This issue can be resolved by applying the notes 2520345 and 2527053.

Issue 2:

  1. Go to Monitor external requirements apps
  2. Choose one of the materials from the list displayed in the app
  3. Click on manage items button in the bottom right corner
  4. This will open “Manage external requirements” app.
  5. Click on Open button in the bottom right corner and click on Open Factsheet.

This should open the Material factsheet. But it will show an error “Could not open app”. This issue can be resolved by applying the note 2442428 and executing the steps that are mentioned the document attached in that note.  This issue can be replicated when you tried to load Material factsheet from Manage Internal requirements app as well.

Issue 3:

  1. Go to Monitor material coverage app
  2. Enter a material which has leading zeroes, but without prefixing it will zeroes. For eg if the the material no is 0001015678, enter 1015678.

Search results will not load any data. But if you use F4 help in material and go ahead with that route for search, it will display the results for the same material no that you choose. This issue can be resolved by applying the note 2420430. This issue is there in Monitor internal requirements, Monitor external requirements apps too. However the note will resolve the problem across all apps.

Hope this helps.

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