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Building natural backlinks has always been a problem for most online marketers, yet it’s one strategy that guarantees a massive return on investment. If website owners have no idea about backlink profiles, it’s hard to attract visitors and turn their websites into cash cows.

Google is becoming more interested in the type of links you have and where they come from. They’re changing their algorithm daily and you need to keep up with things like these. In order to build effective backlinks, it’s important you do the following:

1. Monitor Links

Monitor your existing links and if you realize one of them is broken, don’t waste time fixing it. In fact, fixing a broken link is more difficult than building a new one. Therefore, keep checking your links and if any of them is found broken, it should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

2. Hire a Formidable Link Building Company

Link building companies that promise a large number of links at a low price are all phony. In fact, it is a good indicator that the links are coming from a low-quality sources and they’ll destroy your backlink profile. Hire a company that charges more but guarantees you links will improve your profile.

3. Avoid Buying Links Directly

Google is on the look out and will not hesitate to punish website owners who take shortcuts. It’s therefore recommended you hire a company that specializes in link building rather than buying existing links, which will only attract a penalty and ruin your profile.

4. Do Your Research Before Exchanging Links

It is normal for companies to exchange links. However, when it becomes extremely obvious, Google will find out and punish everyone involved. Consequently, it’s important you reduce the rate in which you exchange links. Too many in a short amount of time will cause Google to take action.

5. Avoid Directories

In early 2010, directories were the main platforms helping new websites get noticed. However, things have changed and Google does not play by the same rules. So, unless it’s a specific niche, directories will only offer low-quality backlinks.

6. Don’t Overuse Your Anchor Text

This is one of the mistakes website owners make. When they realize a specific keyword has improved their rankings, they want to use it again and again. Google does not like seeing the same anchor text being abused. Consequently, they will punish people who do this by pulling down their rankings.

7. Sites to Backlink

Having talked about things that Google doesn’t like and which will make your website to get punished it is important that we talk about things that you should focus on and which will give your website the diversity it requires to attract attention.

8. Link Back to Quality Sites

Ensure you link back to quality sites. The trouble is how to tell whether or not the site is of high quality. In general, high-quality sites will exhibit the following characteristics:

• A high number of social media followers
• Relevant information
• Quality content
• High domain authority

In conclusion, we hope you will use this knowledge to improve your backlink profile and attract more visitors to your website. Just ensure you provide your readers with high-quality hyperlinks, and ensure the links you acquire point to relevant pages on your website.

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