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Hospitals need to be running efficiently at all times. I’m sure you can guess what happens when they don’t. It’s not just the patients staff members should be focusing on. It takes a lot more to run a hospital smoothly month after month.

Employees need to pay attention to the equipment too. After all, it’s the machines keeping people alive. Luckily it’s a lot easier to do it these days thanks to computerized maintenance management system software. Let’s touch on a few invaluable features.

Managing All Your Equipment Correctly

If anything goes wrong with your equipment in a hospital you’re in big trouble. Once things start being misplaced, misused or not serviced properly it’s only a matter of time before overall performance is affected. It’s vital you’re able to keep track of important metrics.

You’ll want a few superior features in your CMMS software like barcode identification, automated scheduling and complete work histories. Not only will you know where all the equipment is at any given time, but you’ll be able to see when it last broke down and when it needs to be serviced next.

Very Basic Maintenance Request Portals

Lots of employees don’t bother to submit maintenance requests until it’s nearly too late. It’s not something you want happening in a hospital. The only reason they wait until the last minute is because the entire process is cumbersome.

If only there was a basic maintenance request portal employees would be able to fill out with minimal effort. Simple requests won’t be ignored in the future if you have the correct computerized maintenance management system software on hand.

Preventive Maintenance Is a Necessity

You need to know exactly when to inspect your equipment in case there is something wrong. Too many hospitals don’t care enough about preventative maintenance. To be fair, it’s usually because they’re using all their equipment non-stop.

Unfortunately, if you leave something long enough it’s going to break down. When it does you’ll end up spending more money to replace or fix it. Once you have good CMMS software in place you’ll automatically find your equipment lasts a lot longer.

Managing a Large Amount of Inventory

It’s not only the expensive equipment you’ll need to worry about when you’re running a hospital. All those little things are terribly important too. Lacking a part when something breaks can cause extended amounts of downtime interfering with patient care.

You’ll finally be able to keep track of all your inventory using a robust CMMS. It’s even possible to order individual things automatically as they run out. At the very least you’ll be sent an alert to tell you when something needs to be ordered.

Accessing Everything from Your Phone

If you don’t sit at a desk all day you won’t be able to access your CMMS software. Hopefully it’s good enough to give you complete mobile access no matter where you are. You should be able to do the exact same things as you can do on your main computer.

Everything happens in real time when you’re working, so you don’t want to wait too long to take care of any issues. A few minutes can be the difference between resolving a problem and dealing with a disaster. You want to avoid the matter at all costs.

It Was So Much Tougher in the Past

It’s hard to believe equipment was kept in working order before computerized maintenance management system software came along. Life is so much easier thanks to these amazing features you can use.

If you handle software at your hospital make sure staff know how to use it correctly. A fishing rod is useless if you don’t teach anyone how to use it. The benefits you’ll get will skyrocket when software is used effectively.

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