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Explore smart in WebI

Following the Data exploration trends I investigated in how to achieve it in WebI. With happiness I look back to the result and the thought it was actually rather simple. Just as the way we like it. It is designed by implementing a whole set of tables and applying element linking. The goal was to be able to have/see more information while selecting a certain dimension value. The input control is not providing such kind of information so we decided to build our own input controls via element linking. In this case it works only by selecting one value per dimension.  Have a look at it


INITIAL screen

  • FILTERS bar so we can see which filters are actually applied
  • SELECTION SCREEN pane where we fake our input controls
    • select Category -> we ranked the top 5 per count of SKU numbers
    • select Line -> we ranked the top 10 per count of SKU numbers
    • select Price Range -> per count of SKU numbers
  • TABLE VIEW where we can see the detailed information


When we select for instance in Lines “Outerwear” we see our selection in the filter space and also we get more information about it, we have the amount of hits (count SKU number) per category and per price range.

We can drill further on price range for instance

By resetting the element links we can remove the filters and explore more!


Get more information out of your data!

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