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Everyone thought African tourism would explode a few decades ago, but people chose to visit other parts of the world instead. Africa has remained mostly untouched ever since. Fortunately, things are starting to change today because of technology.

It’s improving everything it touches, so African tourism was always going to benefit from it. Maybe you’ll find yourself on the continent in the next few years. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why it’s more likely than you think.

Getting The Word Out Is Easy

How many friends would know about your amazing Tanzania safari before Facebook popped up? Now hundreds of people will be getting live updates while you’re there. This will include photos and videos too.

Businesses won’t need you to do all the marketing. They’ll also be able to use every social media platform to get their message out. Once millions of people know magical places exist they’ll want to go themselves.

Lots Of Jobs Are Being Created

In the past, Africans had to work for a dollar or two per day because there was no other choice. When there isn’t a lot of work available people will do whatever it takes to help their loved ones survive.

Nowadays, lots of Africans don’t need to rely on stingy employers any more. If they live in certain places they’ll be able to start their own ventures. As the continent becomes wealthier it will attract more visitors.

You’ll Never Feel Too Isolated

It’s scary walking into the great unknown with no way to reach anyone. Luckily there are fast data speeds and 4G is available in various parts of Africa. At the very least you’ll have some type of coverage.

More people will be willing to visit a country when they can use their smartphone. Obviously there will be some countries with problems, but its unlikely you’d be going there on vacation in the first place.

Africans Use Their Own Cool Apps

If you’re used to apps like Uber and Airbnb it’s hard to live without them after a while. They make your life a lot easier. You’ll find Africa has a lot of similar apps you can use while you’re there.

You’ll be surprised to see them in action, but they are just as good as the ones you’re used to. A constantly growing startup community is also helping attract a lot more visitors to Africa.

Almost Everyone Can Afford It

If you can afford to take your family on a foreign vacation you can probably afford to take them to Africa. In general, the normal things you buy when on holiday will be cheaper in most African countries.

It was always the flights people found expensive, but they keep dropping in price all the time. With fantastic new apps like Hipmunk you’ll always be able to search every airline imaginable for the best deals.

You’ll Know How Much Life Has Changed

Think about how much has changed over the last few years alone thanks to technology. African tourism has improved at the same speed. It’s definitely not the same continent you have ingrained in your mind.

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