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Author's profile photo Suchit Mathur

Looking for Better Performance with SAP Lumira 2, Upgrade to Lumira 2.1

With the recent release of SAP Lumira 2.1, SAP has come up with multiple new capabilities & improvements for existing features delivered as part of Lumira 2 with much more stability & responsiveness for SAP Lumira applications.


This blog provides a high-level overview of various performance improvements that can be expected:

  • Leveraging “Processing group support” in Lumira 2.1 (similar to Design studio / Designer) which enables the database queries to run parallel and get data faster in Lumira to provide better responsiveness for:
    • Opening of document (~10%).
    • Loading of Visualisation/Charts in a Story faster due to parallel data fetch compared to earlier release.
    • Better Page & Story navigation (~10%). Even better can be achieved with higher user load scenario.


  • Live Connections to SAP Hana & SAP BW have improved response for prompts.


  • Improved filter/drill/prompts responses can be achieved.


  • List of Values (LOV) based filtering have improved drastically with this release.


With this release of continuous improvement, better stability can be expected with Lumira 2.1 along with below recommendation:


Along with these recommendation, I would strongly recommend to use and follow below:

  1. Lumira 2 Sizing guide available under References section in Help portal of SAP Lumira along with SAP Quick Sizer.
  2. 2541042 – SAP Lumira 2.0 performance and sizing – resources and troubleshooting ***MASTER KBA***.

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      Author's profile photo Vineet Gupta
      Vineet Gupta

      Does Lumira Discovery 2.1 client need BI 4.2 SP05 Lumira server or will it work with BI 4.2 SP04


      Author's profile photo Suchit Mathur
      Suchit Mathur
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vineet,

      It will work with  BI 4.2 SP04 as well. Please refer SAP Lumira 2.1 PAM here.




      Author's profile photo Mandanna Mandechanda Uthappa
      Mandanna Mandechanda Uthappa

      Much required blog

      Author's profile photo Mike Schiebel
      Mike Schiebel


      one additional comment. If the RFC Connection to BW is not released automatically in BW (TC smgw) this Note could help.

      2078698 - RFC connections in BW are not automatically closed when viewing Design Studio reports from BI LaunchPad --> should also work for Lumira 2.x (LumiraServer).

      Maybe after this it is not necessary to increase the number of connection on like described above (2579319 – Lumira throws JCO_ERROR_COMMUNICATION error for “max no of 202 conversations exceeded” for BW Connectivity.)

      Kind Regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      After Lumira 2.1 server component installed, Dashboards built based on Design Studio are freezing with white screen in IE and Chrome as browsers. They used to work beautifully before Lumira 2.1 upgrade. We already converted these dashboards to Lumira Designer based dashboards as part of Lumira 2.0 upgrade. Any idea?

      Satish Vatrapu

      Author's profile photo Swapnil Kulkarni
      Swapnil Kulkarni

      Hi All,

      We installed upgraded the BO Environment to Lumira 2.1. Post installation facing many issues with Lumira Designer Applications. Lumira Designer Applications based on UNX as data source are crashing. To resolve it wither have to upgrade to Lumira 2.1 SP1 (which is not available as of now) or have to upgrade to 4.2 SP5.

      Even the Designer Applications are freezing many times, have to do rework with existing applications components. If tried to open Designer Applications on iPad getting "Error Opening the Document".

      Everything was working fine in Lumira 2.0 without any issues.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Swapnil

      It seems that we are facing similar issue.  Can you clarify if you installed Lumira 2.1 from a lower version; now your Lumira Designer App based on UNX created from a lower Lumira version is not working as expected?  Also, Lumira 2.1 SP01 recently released, did you update and did it resolve your issue?

      Thank you ahead,



      Author's profile photo Swapnil Kulkarni
      Swapnil Kulkarni

      Hi Trieu,

      We were on Lumira 2.0 and BI Platform was 4.2 SP3 and having Design Studio dashboard based on UNX.

      Post reading the above post we upgraded Lumira from 2.0 to 2.1 and we started facing the issue.

      As per SAP Notes we did upgraded our BI Platform to 4.2 SP5 but post this we faced issues with rendering of dashboard and good amount of rework for UNX based dashboard.

      So far the issue has not been resolved.

      I did a quick check and Lumira 2.1 SP01 is available for download, but we havn't installed it yet.

      Based on our experience will recommend to have a separate environment to Test this as it will take time more time to stable.

      Hope SAP Product Team can provide some insight on this and way ahead from Technical angle.



      Author's profile photo Kasim Ward
      Kasim Ward

      Hi Suchit,

      How does hierarchical data function with “End to End BW Live Analysis in browser”?  Does it respect the BEx setting “Query to be read when you navigate or expand hierarchies” or does it fetch all the data at once at the beginning like WebI does?  Would like to be able to fetch the data as needed like AO or AOLAP but with the great visuals that Lumira provides.


      Author's profile photo Ashutosh Rastogi
      Ashutosh Rastogi

      Hi Kasim,

      When the whole query is dragged on to the crosstab in SAP Lumira, the initial view of the query is displayed. If the characteristic has hierarchy as default, it is automatically applied and you can expand collapse on that hierarchy. Note that this works mainly in crosstab. In case you manually drag and drop a dimension in crosstab. You can right click on the column header and use select hierarchy option to apply a specific hierarchy from all the ones defined on that characteristic.

      Live connectivity does not fetch all data from the query, on expand a separate query would be fired to fetch next level information. Note that visualizations can only show one level of a hierarchy.