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Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire

Create your own SAP Web IDE template – Share your template


Finally, share your template. You have two options, you can share your template only with your team or with everyone that’s using the SAP Web IDE.

The first option will be the most common one. You deploy the template to your SAP Cloud Platform account as an UI5 app and create a destination in the same account to that app.

You could also share your template with everyone that’s using the SAP Web IDE. Therefore, you need a special SAP Cloud Platform account. For this kind of SCP account’s, you need to contact the SAP Web IDE team. In this scenario, you need to deploy the template to this special SCP account as a UI5 app. Other developers can create a destination to the template in that SCP account and use it.

Depending on the type of template, the deployment process is a little different. For MTA template:

Build and deploy

Create destination


Same for non-MTA features:


Create destination


Want to use my template? Create destination and use the following settings:


Description=My Own UI5 Template

Activate the feature in the SAP Web IDE Full stack:

Enjoy my template!





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      Author's profile photo Hans Verreydt
      Hans Verreydt

      Hi Wouter,

      Very nice blog!! And very helpful!! Yet, I've following question:

      In my case, I want to use .tmpl files in my generated template (so, after I create a new project, with my own template, I want to use a .tmpl file).

      But, all .tmpl files are "renamed" so the extention .tmpl is removed from the file.

      Can I somewhere exclude some files who are not renamed after the generation that you know?





      Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire
      Wouter Lemaire
      Blog Post Author

      You want to create a template to create templates? try using two times .tmpl for example "file.tmpl.tmpl"

      Author's profile photo Hans Verreydt
      Hans Verreydt

      Almost 😉

      I've a template (from JSDoc) inside my own template. (for customer documentation, in this case, I can create my documentation always with the customer specific documentation template)

      But this template also contains .tmpl files.

      I currently managed this, inside the onAfterGenerate, to create the .tmpl files again, with the content from the existing files (without .tmpl). Afterwards, I removed the existing files from the JSZip. And this works. (because renaming files in JSZip was not so easy)

      2 times .tmpl.tmpl didn't work.


      Author's profile photo Hans Verreydt
      Hans Verreydt

      Also another question

      Do you know if it's possible to add a new tab inside the "create project with a template flow" after the "template customization" to have a new screen for customer specific settings?

      Or did you always put everything in that 1 screen?


      Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire
      Wouter Lemaire
      Blog Post Author

      Not tried yet but it should be possible, some templates have more steps then others. You should be able to do the same. Here you have more documentation about adding your own step:

      Author's profile photo Hubert Falkowski
      Hubert Falkowski

      Hello Wouter,


      I am facing the  issue with newest version of SAPWebIde. When I am testing template on DEBUG mode it is fine, but I can't see my template anyway in productive version in plugins (to activate) or in templates. I tried different WebIDEUsage values, but unsuccessfully. Can you help somehow?

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Melanie Saldua
      Melanie Saldua



      I'm having problems with sharing the template. I have downloaded Wouter's project and is trying to build and deploy the extension to NEO. When executing the command for the MTA builder, I'm always having error

      SAP Multitarget Application Archive Builder 1.1.19
      Merging extension descriptor neo-mtaext.yaml
      ERROR: MTA descriptor neo-mtaext.yaml not found

      Hope someone can help.