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Conversion of Line item managed accounts in to open item managed accounts

Hi All,

I will try to explain the process of conversion of line item managed accounts in open item managed account .

Problem: Team has to extract whole data and do manual clearing based on parameters and come up with open items as currently this accounts are line item managed.

With the above problem, we can not go and directly change the account master data to open item management as this will only change prospectively and not clear the historic balances automatically.Hence, for historical balance clearing SAP has given a standard program “FAGL_SWITCH_TO_OPEN_ITEM”¬† and T-Code “FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP”.

In the program documentation most of the information on how to use the program is available, i would try to get my project experience on it and try to show the sequence the activities required to achieve this successfully.


  • The program can be executed only for line item managed account. Do not change the account manually to open item managed, the program will do that automatically.
  • The program will try to post transfer postings to balance the account (net to zero) with offsetting account in the selection screen with default account assignments objects( in this case it was profit center as “DUMMY”)
  • To Over come above transfer posting we have added a prerequisite to run this program when the balance in the account is netting to Zero.

Tactical Solution:

  • As any balance in the account will generate a transfer posting to net the balance to zero with object as ‘Dummy’ team had a problem in reconciling what are the actual open items after the successful run of program. It was a huge effort to come up with the actual list of open items.
  • A Tactical solution is identified as below:
    • Post a manual entry to make the balance in the account as Zero,Say Document 1234 was posted.
    • Run a program¬†“FAGL_SWITCH_TO_OPEN_ITEM”, as the account balance is Zero it will not generate any transfer postings and clear the items and make the account as open item account.
    • Reset the clearing document.To Reset the document cleared with this program there is a perquisite. Go to change mode of the document FB02 and edit the field “Ref.Key(head) 1” and remove the text “<<FAGLOP>>”.A config change in field status would be required.After editing the field , please go to FBRA and reset the cleared document.
    • Reverse the document that was posted to make the balance in the account zero.(Document of the step 1 i,e 1234)
    • Update the parameters of clearing in T-Code OB74 .
    • Run the Automatic Clearing transaction F.13 .Documents will be cleared based on the parameters set in OB74.

For FAQ on this , please refer to note “1770786 – FAQ – Open Item Management –



Praful Jain.




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