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Trying What is New in Lumira Discovery 2.1

I recapped here what is new with Lumira 2.1 and it was GA yesterday.   I started with our overall 2016 ASUG BI webcast statistics:

Forecasting is Back in 2.1

How about adding a time  series chart?


And adding a trendline?


To forecast future periods of webcast attendance, right click and edit the trendline setting:

I can “predict” the next three months of webcasts:

Hopefully it will not trend down as Lumira predicts.  Usually in the middle of the year, around ASUG Annual Conference, attendance at webcasts spikes due to new product announcements.  In the Fall of this year we had two face-to-face events and in those months we typically have fewer webcasts.


Filter by Measure

In Lumira 2.0 you could only filter by dimension, not measure.

In 2.1 you can filter by measure.  Note that filter on measure not available for HANA Online

BW Online End to End

With Lumira 2.1 add-on and BI4.2 SP05, you do not need the Lumira Discovery client to begin visualizations with BW Online data sources


Start with Lumira on the BI Launchpad:

Select SAP BW, and it will recognize the OLAP connections from the CMC:

I am going to select a BEx Query from the SAP NetWeaver Demo model:

You can start building visualizations and charts from the BEx query using the BI Launchpad

You can set up conditional formatting

Set up a rule to as shown below:

If the country equals US, display it in a certain color and apply it

You can set up multiple rules

The above shows the conditional formatting rule applied

Linked Analysis

You can set up linked analysis, to pass the context from one visualization to another

Right click and select Linked Analysis

Setting up a linked analysis from the cross tab to the bar chart, using dimension Country:

Selecting country US from the cross tab displays the California/New York bars of the bar chart:

Enable Ad-Hoc Data Comparison

Another new feature is enable ad-hoc data comparison; you can “lasso” or select the bars to compare

It will give you the summary shown above – the sum of values, average, max, min, etc.


Unified Viewer/Launchpad

Your Lumira document is a tile in the unified Fiori-like launchpad, similar to functionality featured for Web Intelligence in BI4.2 SP4

Please note you must be on BI4.2 SP05

The following notes can provide additional information on the BI4.2 SP5 release content:

2559203 – SAP BI Suite 4.2 SP5 Support Package Update Guide

2559223 – SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite 4.2 SP5 Release Restrictions

2559136 – SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP5 Installation Guides for Windows and Unix

2559176 – SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP5 Upgrade Guide

2559149 – SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite 4.2 SP5 What’s New

Upcoming Items of Interest

You can learn more here:


BI+Analytics Conference

Upcoming ASUG BI Webcasts



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    • Hi Brian,

      Great blog was released last week on commentary in Lumira Designer:

      With kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs



    Hi Tammy,

    thanks for the summary new features of lumira discovery 2.1. It's an good overview. Do you know, where I can find the document, how to configurate Single sign on for Lumira discovery 2.1?

    Kind regards,


    • Hey Hai,

      I have found this SAP note: 2531433 - How to configure Single Sign On (SSO) in Lumira Discovery 2.0

      It is not especially for version 2.1, but maybe it helps?




    • Hi Hai,

      A great blog has been released about this topic:

      Has some resource links in it as well.

      With kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

  • Hai - I can't seem to find anything on that; I recommend asking this as a question under using the BI platform tag.  If I find anything I will post back here.

    • Hi Damien - before looking at 3-D charts, please see if you should really use them:

      If you still need them, I would look at the SAP App Center for Lumira third party add-ons:!category/517

  • Hi Tammy, Thanks for this Blog

    Question for Lumira 2.1: Can you confirm that if you user "Import" as Datasource and connect to a BEx Query, then you are able to:

    1. Filter on Measures (as you show above)
    2. On a Time Series chart to add a trendline

    I'm asking because I cannot do this in my installation of Lumira 2.1

    /Regards, Peter

  • Hi Tammy,
    We recently trialed Lumira 2.0 SP3 but in the Discovery tool we lost some capabilities for existing content. Main two issues are;
    - Controls no longer work with linked data sets
    - Drill Down doesn't work with Geo-Maps

    Any idea if these issues were fixing in 2.1?



  • Hi Tammy,

    Question for Lumira 2.1 Discovery, can you confirm that SAP added "Cascading Filters" and "Conditional Formatting" (can I use another dimension to define criteria instead of a static value).



  • Hi All,

    Could you please confirm how important a consultant should have knowledge on JAVA SCRIPT to work on Lumira 2.0



  • Thanks for the qucik reply Tammy.

    Could you please clarify on Lumira Designer also. Is Java Script rquired for Designer.

    Below is my assumption please correct me if i am wrong.

    For older version of design studio like 1.5 Scripting knowledge is rquired from Lumira 2.0 onwards no need of Scripting knowledge.




  • Tammy, Thanks for the blog.I am confused when SAP says Lumira and Design Studio are now combined in to Lumira Designer but I don't see such. I see Discovery and Designer two separate tools. In Designer I did not see anything like prepare, visualize and compose the old way or just stories.  Am I missing anything? Or would it be accurate to say that Lumira 2.0 is more in line with Design studio rather than discovery 1.31. Thanks.