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  1. Santhosh Kumar Alladi

    Hi Bharath, thanks for a great post. We did configure Restful web services in CMC as mentioned and we get response in XML format when we open the browser with  restful web services URL http://servername:6405/biprws. However, we can’t find any folder “biprws” in both locations

    <INSTALL_DIR>:\BOE4\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps


    Hence, we are unable to proceed further with rest of configuration steps. Could you help?

  2. Former Member

    Hi there,

    have you ever received the error below trying to install the web tier on a web server. We have eliminated any firewall or security issues. We try to authenticate against the CMS, but get the error when we enter administrator name and password

    Either the remote CMS cannot be reached, or the logon credentials are incorrect INS00013







    1. Mohammed Ashraf

      Hi James,

      Check if the CMS machine host is reachable from web tier machine.

      If not, then make host entries of the machines and try again.



  3. Richard Kromkamp


    I get a 404 Unable to access the current page when following the link to generate a new shared key. I am logged on using my OSS id, and haven’t had this happen before. Anyone else see this and is there something I may be doing wrong?

    Found the updated link here:

    If that’s not working, it can be found in the BI Platform Administrators guide on

    These are the steps as of this posting:

    1. Launch Central Management Console.
    2. Go to Authentication  Enterprise.
    3. Under Trusted Authentication, check the box against Trusted Authentication is enabled.
    4. Choose New Shared Secret. This will generate the shared secret key.
    5. Choose Download Shared Secret and then Update.
    6. Copy the downloaded file TrustedPrincipal.conf to <INSTALLDIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\pjs\container\bin in Windows.



      1. Richard Kromkamp

        Any of the links in the main thread for “Generate a shared secret value”. I logon using my OSS id, which I use for everything in the SAP world, and it gives me that 403 error (my bad .. it was a 403 error, not 404 as originally posted).

  4. Dell Stinnett-Christy

    A couple of comments for configuring Trusted Authentication for the RESTful Web Services on Tomcat in 4.2 SP6 (based on info I received from a ticket I had to open to get this working):

    1. You actually have to update the default file in addition to creating the custom file in order to get this to work.
    2. Check your TrustedPrincipal.conf file.  The original one from our system (after upgrading from 4.2 SP5) appeared to have line-feed characters in it so it didn’t work.  I had to re-generate the Shared Secret in order to get this to work.
    3. In addition to putting the TrustedPrincipal.conf file in the folder indicated above, also put it in the w64_x64 folder.


  5. Muslum Celik



    I m tryig to make a secure connection to Fiori Laucnhpad. But i get restful service error. Does it support ssl on webshere or not? I couldnt find any post about that.




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