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Author's profile photo Stephan Bantlin

Customer Connection in EAM first improvements delivered


you might be unaware of the ongoing initiative of Customer Connection within Plant Maintenance. This initiative is dedicated to improve the current Plant Maintenance solution in Business Suite.
Customer Connect is one influence program for giving our customers the opportunity to influence the software.

General Information about Customer Connection you find here

Detailed Information about this Customer Connection within Plant Maintenance  project you find here.

In case you want to get more involved and influence the development please subscribe in the Innovation space and contact Zeliha Dikmen.
The Customer Connection group is always happy to get more customers involved in defining, testing and improving the current solution.

In this blog we will collect the the different blogs which where we will keep you informed about the Improvements delivered to our Customers.


  1. Enhanced Display of Purchasing Data within Plant Maintenance Order
  2. Simplified Tracking of preventive maintenance activities
  3. Simplified User experience in Maintenance Order
  4. adding Objects to the Order Object List Web User Interface
  5. Enhancements for basic order view
  6. Mass Material Availability Check for Maintenance Order
  7. Keep your Plant maintenance Master data in synch
  8. Improve Planning Efficiency by reducing repetitive data entry
  9. Create consistent master data for preventive maintenance
  10. Mass Change of User Statusin List transactions within Plant Maintenance
  11. Mass Change of Customer fields in Notification Order List now available
  12. Optimize Collaboration with supplier and use new additional text out of PM order
  13. Classification of Maintenance Plan
  14. Attaching Documents reason codes and cause code to Maintenance Item
  15. Specifying End Date and End Counter for Maintenance Plans
  16. Notification: Sort catalog codes on description
  17. New features for mass changing functional locations and equipment
  18. A common list view for task lists and operations


Stephan Bantlin


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      Author's profile photo Bhaskar Gangopadhyay
      Bhaskar Gangopadhyay


      Great Initiative/work, would like to participate in testing new functionalities & contribute. Much appreciated.


      Bhaskar Gangopadhyay

      Author's profile photo Pavan Kumar CS
      Pavan Kumar CS

      Good see all the improvements done.


      Pavan Kumar CS

      Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod
      Hemant Rathod

      Hello All,

      You can use following list of notes to check new features recently added for SAP Plant Maintenance.(EAM)

      Note# IR Title Comments
      2268324 Sort sequence of sub-order in IW40 delivered 201706
      2369955 Follow-on Order for Basic Order View delivered 201706
      2372229 Mass selection for entries in object list in maintenance order maintenance plans delivered 201701
      2401861 How to set up user-specific printing in the productive system delivered 201701



      PM Activity Type for Notification


      Maintenance Activity Type for Notification in WebDynpro

      delivered 201706
      2417613 Order Schedule Delivered 201708
      2417614 Missing scroll bars in Plant Maintenance application delivered 201703
      2420668 Additional text fields in maintenance order delivered 201704
      2422403 Update Missing Parts for ATP Delivered 201708
      2437365 Adjust customizing for field control delivered 201706
      2465931 Single Button to Show Measurement Document Delivered 201708
      2484814 Update Missing Parts for ATPAdd Plant selection option in IP30 Delivered 201708



      Addition of user status to mass change – transactions IW28 and IW38 Delivered 201710
      Missing mass change of user status in transactions IW28 and IW38
      2479407 Collective entry of measurement documents Delivered 201805
      Collective entry of measurement document
      Correction note for SAP GUI Collective entry of measurement documentCollective entry of measurement documentCollective
      2568408 Cycle information for maintenance items in the list view Delivered 201805
      Correction note for cycle information for maintenance
      Copy Maintenance Plan


      Copy Maintenance Plan WD – Improvement

      Delivered 201805
      2482956 copy of MM-SRV for copying of order/operation Delivered 201805
      2533279 Copy possibility for operation with services and/or components Delivered 201807
      2551409 Copy of components and operations within an Delivered 201805
      2647857 IW28 – Mass change also for Z fields (maintenance notification)
      IW38 – Mass change also for Z fields (maintenance order)
      IW37N – mass change with customer-defined fields (order item)
      Delivered 201807
      Delivered 201810


      Delivered 201904

      2675299 BAdI for generation of object list entries in PM order Delivered 201811
      2723807 Add different long text fields to PM Orders & copy long text to Purchase Requisitions
      2776278 – Specify Default Settlement Rules for Maintenance Orders
      Delivered 201904
      2660714 Document Assignment for Maintenance Plan Delivered 201905
      2712672 Validation maintenance plans Delivered 201905
      2648464 Classification of Maintenance Plans Delivered 201905
      Author's profile photo Nirmal Kokkuvayil Gopalakrishnan
      Nirmal Kokkuvayil Gopalakrishnan

      Dear Sir,

      Hope all the notes mentioned above can be applied in Ehp 8 with SP Stack - 12 (04/2019), provided required business functions are activated.

      Best regards